Cold hardy figs


Well, I spotted some African Fig Flies today, hopefully they won’t be able to get a foothold with the cool weather… In the middle with the racing stripes.


seems like i read about mixing rotted fruit with water to trap them.


Fig is huge this year!


I found that plucking off the young growing tips forces figs to harden off much faster and arrests growth. I did that to all of mine the middle of last month.


Is this a CH? How many figs do you think you got off of it this year?


This is a brown turkey fig. It will likely produce a couple dozen figs. These figs are huge! The two smaller figs in the photo above are late season so they are smaller and still coming but I’m not sure for how long. The first figs we so large I could only put one fig at a time in my hand cut in half like a small pear! One fig took up 3/4 my hand when cut in half!


How did you like the flavor of you brown turkey? I had some CH this year that I liked. They were not very big but pretty sweet and jamish. Probably had thirty figs on two little potted trees. The ants got one so I elevated the pots and they left them alone after that


this i my best tree, my dominick. it’s the most cold hardy
of al my etnas


My other figs all died in this drought. I lost about 8 figs all together this year that were in the ground. They were all very good figs. I was growing 4 Chicago hardy figs which are better flavored than brown turkey in my opinion. Brown turkey are good though they are the kieffer pear of the fig trees in my experience, The brown turkey is a general name for many figs that are not brown turkey just like 90% of the pears I see are not kieffer that people say are kieffer. Brown turkey is a cold hardy fig that is very reliable in zone 7. With the addition of the wood chip mulch covering the fig in the winter it grows here like this is zone 7.


What does everybody think about burying fig trees? I’ve read up on it and looks like it saves the tree pretty much every time. I haven’t heard many on this forum doing it though. Is there any other reason than hard work involved? I’m willing to do this for this year to save my CH since it has a green trunk and will most likely die to the ground if I don’t bury it. Also has anybody tried using a soil mound instead of wood chips or leaves? Sort of burying the tree with soil standing up. Thoughts?


A soil mound will certainly work I’ve done it. I buried one fig limb one year to try and propagate a new fig which worked and that limb was alive the next year. That is partly why I use the method I do now to grow figs. It’s easier to move wood chips than dirt.


tons of work.
thing is, when i buried a tree, the whole trunk became a root.


It’s shocking how many figs I have had this year and they just keep coming. 2 more ripe figs today!


I envy you :blush:


great work, clark.
what varieties?
potted or ibground?


Thank you @Ahmad! @susieqz This variety is Brown Turkey and I also really like Chicago hardy. Those varieties are both good but Chicago hardy is earlier to fruit by over a month and both keep going until they freeze. Half the leaves have fallen off the fig but the figs are still ripening which I’ve never seen before. These are in ground figs I’ve had such good luck with this year.


It’s November 8th and the fig leaves finally fell today. This brown turkey had lots of fruit this year but these last fruits got caught by the freeze. What a great year for fig growing!



Are going to protect it like you did last year?


@tonyOmahaz5 I’m going to if I can because it’s very effective. Need to find the time to do it before temperatures fall below below 0.



Your in-ground figs you cut to a low height and cover in a high pile of mulch?

That’s the plan for my Mom’s in-ground fig. (She has two but one we aren’t protecting)