Cold Tolerance of Cara Cara Navel Orange and Blood Orange

In the 8 years I have been back in Statesboro temps have gone below 20F 3 times. The last time it did it was in 2014 when it hit 16F. Our low temp last year was 22F. Our low so far this year has been 28F.


You may grow as many citrus as you want close to each other but you may never get them to grow into large sized trees (if that is your goal) with temps. into the low 20’s. Zone 8b is really pushing it unless you keep them around ten feet tall and throw everything frost protective you got at them when it gets down below 20 F. The fruits of certain varieties may end up being too bitter/completely damaged and temps in the teens with frost protection may still burn the whole tree to a crisp from my experience. Your best options are the cold tolerant temperate ones like yuzu, tangerines, trifoliate, manderines, kumquats, or hybrid mixes with any of these citrus that I described. After those are the meyer lemons, calamondin, and several others that can only survive low 20s. Only other thing is to pray for climate change that one day Georgia will be warm enough to grow actual fruiting subtropical citrus trees with minimal frost protection like in Florida or California. Btw why not grow all of them in pots or a hoop house/dome?


How are your orange trees going?

I am hoping to plant some soon, i’m actually from colder area in south africa. Some winter nights get down to 20°F but the most days are between 58-72°F.

Do you think theyll work here?


If you’re willing to do minimal protection then yes

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Hows your citrus? Im in 8b north Florida growing all kinds of citrus!

how many hours below 25f?

Maybe 4 hours at the max but this would only be a few nights over the winter. We have many nights which stay over 32-45F.

Think I’ll do some more research and get most hardy varieties.

definitely worth the effort. Thanks