Columbia giant blackberry

I have several Himalayan x Evergreen Hybrid
plants. For some reason
they frequently cross locally.

Have a few extra to spare for a local gardener.

Hello does any one have columbia giant ripe yet?

Mine are not won’t be for about a month. I don’t get many as bird predation gets a lot. Taste is ok but I prefer interesting flavors. Like boysenberry or newberry are my favorites. Then kotata and Columbia start last. Birds again on thornless along with rabbit damage. I hardly get anything touching kotata due to thorns even rose stem girdler leaves it alone. But there so thorny that it makes anything else seem thornless.

I have tried to buy some newberry but i did not find any in europe. And seeds do not sell anyone. I am curious to compare with other berry.

Could you post pictures of your Kotata? I’m interested in stem and leaf details because I’m growing a supposed Kotata but I’m not at all sure that’s what I actually have. They’re very thorny for sure and somewhat floppy.

@BerryAllen ill take some pics I’m at work right now. Right now the canes are floppy for sure as there growing and easily damaged.

@BerryAllen here you go
image image

Thanks! Very helpful. They don’t look identical to mine but I’ll have to take a look when I get back home. It baffles me how some nurseries can keep on selling cultivars under wrong labels but it happens. Mine had flowers that were a bit pinkish and that got me thinking.


Here’s what Chris Bowers sold me as Kotata. I don’t think they look very similar at all. Mine looks like it could be a semi trailing variety of some kind. I was aware that the nursery didn’t have the best possible reviews but it’s still quite disappointing to pay for something you didn’t actually want.

Yeah I’ve had it happen to me. You buy it wait till it fruits and find out wrong variety. That is definitely not kotata. Not sure what it is. Sorry can’t be any more help. Maybe look to see what berries they sell and try process of elimination.

Blackberry looks like a healthy food.

Those tayberries look great! Where did you purchase them?

I don’t remember but they are sold all over.
Raintree has them and I’m sure many other nurseries do too.

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