Container Pineapple!

I’m not sure who has this blog or if they post on this site but he’s been growing them inside for years now. Grows lot of different types.


Rob, great resource! Thanks!

Wow!! That’s huge! Hope she gives you some tasty fruit soon!

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I turned one pineapple top into a house plant and it is thriving in my frugal care. I didn’t realise the plant likes a dryer environment than a tropical house plant. Now its foliage is bigger than the one gallon pot so it may be time to pot up to a 2 gallon least it topple over soon


Well about 2 weeks ago i noticed a pineapple plant was fruiting. Hadn’t watered it in probably 6 weeks or more. These things can go forever without water it seems. Took it outside today (50F/sunny) to spray it…also gave it some fertilizer. I’ll try to give it a sunnier spot in the house. Good thing because i was going to compost this plant.


How long did it take for yours to fruit? We have had a clone going on three years now and nothing yet. We did just up pot it again to a 15 gallon pot so hopefully that will help.

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At least 3 years…maybe 4…i’d have to go thru my old pics and see when i did it. I’ll take a look once…i think i have most o fthem saved on an sd card. This one is in a 7 gallon pot so not sure how its going to size up. The timing should be pretty decent, with warmer weather coming.

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I haven’t gotten fruit yet, but I’ve started a handful in containers, all from grocery store fruit. Here are two that I started over a year ago that just went in the ground in my greenhouse yesterday:

They have been in a #5 pot (left) and 12 gal pot (right), so it seems like larger pot size matters even in the first year, to maximize plant size. I’m hoping to turn this corner of the greenhouse into a pineapple patch.

One other variety I’ve recently started was some tiny fruit I came across in the local QFC store in January:

It’s like a single-serving fruit, so may not be worth the time and effort, bit the flavor was great and it had an edible core, so I’m giving it a try. This is how I prepare the tops:

It hasn’t started growing yet, that usually takes a few months even in the summer heat, but it also hasn’t died back (much). Here’s that one today:


I had one once. I had cut the top off of a storebought pineapple and threw it in the compost pile early in the spring. I mixed it in and forgot about it. I pretty much am a passive compost guy, I don’t have time for the constant mixing. A month or two later when I was spreading compost on the garden the pineapple top showed up among the compost with some roots growing out of it. I plucked off the dead stuff, potted it up, and kept it in the sunroom for 2 or 3 years as a houseplant. It started to grow a pineapple like warmwaxrules picture above. But, then we moved and didn’t have the sunroom anymore and it got mostly killed by frost. so I jus pitched it. Them are some big ouchy leaves to have around in a house, so that wasn’t happening!

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