Dana's Hovey Pear


Following up on this thread, I managed to harvest a few Dana Hovey this year. They are a late pear, picked later than all my other pears, and I stored them til now. They are excellent!! I can see why Mark was so excited, I completely agree with his impression of the flavor. It is the richest, most interesting pear flavor I have ever had. The only downside is they have a little more grit than some pears, but I’ll take that any day for the great flavor! They are small but bigger than Seckel.

Now all I have to do is figure out where to put more of it, I only have one limb on another tree now. Having a 50’ tree of this pear would be pear-adise :grin:


Sad to say that I only got a couple this year. I lost some to poor pollination, some to squirrels, some to insect pressure. But I’m glad to hear you scored!