Dew Drop Pear

Thanks for getting back to me and Nice to e-meet you. I am new to backyard orchard and just bought a few apples, pear (including a dewdrop) and a peach tree. I will let you know how mine turns out if I don’t end up killing them!



Glad to hear you got through winter 22 ok we are patiently waiting to hear about that delicious fruit first hand. Everything i read said it is very good!

Hello, again, I have been away from this forum for a bit, busy with bees, family health issues and all that brings. I am happy to report the Dew Drop is in bud this spring for the first time. My problem will be pollination, it is in my greenhouse and I do have 3 other pears but so far none are budding so unless I can get a hold of some pear pollen I will have to wait.

The Dew Drop on the rootstock it came with died out. I was wary that it would not survive our -40C winters even in the greenhouse. The one I grafted on Cottoneaster is healthy and thriving and I am just in the process of making the second espalier level. It is healthy to the very tips even though we did get to -40C. I was very concerned as in my greenhouse I usually bring in piles of snow to cover the ground for insulation but the weather turned very cold before the snow came and I thought the root zone would suffer.



That is a very good report!

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Hi! I’m curious if anyone has tasted dewdrop yet and how it was?




Maybe you can answer this for @JennS .

I totally missed your message! I hope you were able to get some fruits last year!! Let us know how it went and hopefully you can get a good crop this year!!

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