Do you keep any finicky / high maint fruit trees?

Mine has definitely blown off though. I use the heavy duty metal clamps now though.

I never heard that. Attached garage only. And it does work with my attached garage. I would add a space heater on a thermostat if it gets below 25f that’s the lowest temp they can handle. Actually it’s about 20 but to be conservative heat when below 25F.

It is an attached garage but unheated. The issue stems from if you use the garage it will not help much. My car is in the carport but I open the garage to leave and my grandma and mother use the garage to leave and come home. We store out snow plow in there so when it is cold and snowing we are keeping it open. Maybe if someone did not use it or only stored things in there it would work. If you use it the temperature gets way too cold. Like I mentioned 2 years ago it got to -15 and last winter it got to -10 so the garage is not going to work for overwintering plants. Best to get plants with no chill hours you can bring inside like a fig or peppers and put them by the window or keep them outside. Most things work just fine outside in a grow bag. The grow bags work as a kind of ice cube effect with perennials who can typically live outside.

my HVAC puts out exhaust right on the other side of the fence I’m thinking to plant the fig next to.

so it’s full sun, concrete foundation from my art studio shed, which is heated and the HVAC pumps in the general direction of where the plant will be. I mean it’s a CH so worst case the roots live and I get no food off it that year? right now I’m carrying in and out far too many plants for far too few figs. and a few are suffering in the pots this year because I missed a few nights that got cold. one died from sun burn as I was scatter brained and left it in full sun all day, forgetting i meant to carry it to the shade.

if I can get one or two in the ground it’s gonna ease the work load

Not very long!

I chopped off my peach tree this weekend as I kept it for 6 years and every year there was too much pest pressure and fruit was wormy, only one year I was able to get some fruit. Planning to replace it with mulberry or jujube next year.

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