Does variety matter for blueberries in pots?

Hello Everyone,
Im interested in starting some potted blueberries this season. I’ve read online about various smaller cultivars that are “suitable” for growing in pots. Does this truly matter? Or will any variety fair well in pots and simply grow to the maximum size the pot will allow?

I have close to 30 varieties…in pots from quart to 10 gallon. None in ground.

Moisture, acid, small amounts of fertilizer. They’ll both live and crop.
(Although the in-ground counterpart may have a bigger crop…if taken care of properly.)

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Thanks for the information! Out of curiosity, how do you keep your blueberries acidified? I’ve read about using vinegar + water

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Frankly, I seldom use a cheap probe to check pH.
I use instinct…it is pretty effective after 5 or 6 decade.
Hollytone, sulfur, mulch of some type…especially as the dirt sinks in the container.
Then, eventually, I get around to either up-sizing the pot, or turning the pot upside down and adding an inch of soil underneath the root mass.

Also, many blueberries are happy at 6.0 or so pH despite the literature stating something else! Sunshine Blue has cropped fine at 6.5 even…too many berries, resulting in small to medium size…but the total crop is nice for a 3 foot plant.

My goal is experimentation, and having some plants for sale to customers…not maximizing the crop. (But I have good fruit set this year.)


I have a few varieties for a total of 8 plants. Can I use urea 46-0-0 for fertilizer.

We just had that discussion:

A bit, but don’t over-do it.