Domestic apple rootstock?

That’s fine and dandy until you have to reach 20 feet into the air to get them apples.

I picked 86 bushels from a 16 foot ladder one day…I do realize it’s hard to find anyone to do that anymore.


I agree with you. I prefer to have a bigger tree and get more fruit even if I have to use a ladder to get it.


I have mixed feelings on the issue. And I didn’t mean to imply picking 86 bushels from one tree, though I have gotten 25 from a couple many years back.

My point I’d like to make is if you have a tree that prefers naturally to become huge, if you fight it, the tree eventually does it’s thing. If you prefer small trees, use a rootstock that’ll help in keeping them small. There are many such rootstocks.

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No, I didn’t think you were saying that you picked 86 bushels from one tree. I would definitely have questioned your honesty :smiley: .

There’s no doubt a mature standard ‘domestic’ apple tree produces more fruits. But, modern orchards planting trees much closer together have been able to up the total harvest per acre (or at least the ‘sellable’ harvest per acre).

Yeah, I would definitely consider going with dwarf trees if I was doing it commercially.

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I’m pretty sure that was a bud graft (either T-bud bark graft or a chip bud graft)
The cut leftover stub was the rootstock that got cut above the bud graft.

I would not plant it any deeper. Since the graft is quite close to the ground. (unless of course you want the variety to own root)

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Thanks it makes sense now. I have left it at the same level it was planted in the pot. This is the first tree I have purchased with this type of graft.

Is a bud graft for a large tree inherently weak?

Bud grafts are not weaker than for example a W&T.
Long therm theoretically they probably are a little stronger than W&T (~1% range)

They might be a little more sensitive first growing season. But if never had problems with that.

If you want to keep the rootstock properties. I’d keep the tree at that depth. But avoid burying the graft union. (so watch out to not mulch close to the trunk)

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