Dormant Spray and Copper Spray


Lime - sulfur spray is effective in the control of insects and fungi on deciduous fruit trees . Used as a winter wash or spring spray, lime - sulfur controls scale, mildew, rust, twig borer and spider mites.
Google the term " lime sulfur for fruit trees" and you will see much info.

I use lime sulfur together with copper (kocide) but, together ONLY as a DORMANT spray

In you mix I don’t know what the clorox or the soap is for.

As for the oil …I use “dormant oil” spray specifically made for the purpose. It is a light mineral oil.



I bought dormant oil with mineral oil and wasn’t sure how well it would work but I did use it. It appears to dry faster. I might have misunderstood the label but I think it can be used after dormacy without copper.



Yes, oil alone can be used after dormancy.

I was referring to using the combination of oil together with copper and lime sulfur only during dormancy.



Thanks. I had been looking for an additional summer oil. Until now I have used neem for warm weather use. Bill


I was hoping to get my dormant spray on this coming Tuesday, it’ll finally be above 30 at night but someone somewhere who controls the weather got wind of my plans and put rain in for Wednesday which wasn’t there the day before.

I caught a rat today which I sacrificed to the weather gods in order that they might grant me a week without rain for a change.


Weather notwithstanding, spraying here will have to wait till I get replacement battery for sprayer pump


While rummaging through my shed I found some Bonide copper spray concentrate. It is 1.8% metallic copper. So, would this be good enough to spray on my peaches? Some of my trees have very small buds coming up, though. So, I wonder if I missed my chance to spray?


1.8% is pretty weak, you would need to add a lot of that to get an appreciable dose of copper. Kocide for example is 50% copper.

That said you can spray up to pink with the dormant dose. I myself like to wait as late as possible, let the diseases start waking up and then crush 'em when they are vulnerable.


I used Bonide copper spray for last few years.couldnt get rid of Bacterial spot completely. This year I sprayed Kocide 3000. Hoping for a major difference this year.



Thank you, I’ll Google for lime sulfur.

I believe Clorox was an additional fungus / insect killing agent. Again - only as a dormant spray. I also used that specially made dormant oil == light mineral oil. But I think that an additional neem oil cannot hurt either.

Persimmons mostly don’t require anything. But I still struggle with keeping peach trees and peaches on them healthy and intact. Maybe that lime sulphur spray would help.


Where you are in zone 7?

Copper and lime sulfur can keep your peach trees relatively clean. They don’t help with keeping fruit clean. That is the job of insecticide and/or Surround.


How safe for plants and for us eating fruits is that Kocide copper fungicide?


Kocide is safe.


Thanks. I don’t think I can get any Kocide before things start to bloom. So, I’ll have to use what I have for now. Should have ordered some Kocide earlier. Can my copper be used later after fruitlets form for bact spot control? Of course, this assumes our peach blooms don’t get zapped by our usual late freezes.

For the apples I’m thinking we might get, I’m debating whether I want to order any Surround, or try control with my Capt Jack’s Spinosad concentrate that I already have.


I was shopping for Horticultural Oil and noted most of them listed the major active ingredient as paraffin oil, but found a couple listed as mineral oil. Are they the same? I see they’re both petroleum products. If they are different products, does anyone have a preference for one over the other (paraffin vs mineral)?

@subdood_ky_z6b I received Kocide from Martins in just a few days.


Be cautious with all chemicals. Read label. The Caution states:
Causes moderate eye irritation. Harmful if swallowed, absorbed through the skin or inhaled. Do not get in eyes, skin, or on
clothing. Avoid breathing dust. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling.


Not knowing how long it will take to get new battery for sprayer, I mixed up some copper spray in a hand sprayer and did the nectarines, which are both small enough for this to work.


I went by Spray Amounts thread to decide how much Kocide 3000 to add to a gallon of water. It says 2 Table spoons but somehow I messed up and did 2 tea spoons of copper to 1 gallon of water plus Bonide Turbo sticker. The next day looking at the trees I couldn’t see even a trace of copper. So I came back to that thread and realized I didn’t have enough copper. Should I do another spray? One of my peach seedlings and one apple tree (yellow transparent) are showing green tip. Rest is still dormant.


Is it too late for a dormant spray on this Pristine? Im not familiar with the terms used for the stages of buds. If it is, could I still spray lime sulfur and oil individually or can I not use lime sulfur anymore.


Can’t ask for better temp for a Nov 25 day. It is sunny with high around 50 and light wind, with another dry day tomorrow in the mid 50 F.

It is dormant spray time as the last season task for my orcharding.

I usually did my end of season spray with copper, dormant oil, and Nufilm 17. Then, I remember what @MES111 has said, “Why do it when I can overdo it?”

So, Kocide, Lime-sulfur, dormant oil and Nufilm 17 went into the tank this time. It felt good to get this done in this summer-like weather.