Douglas Pear


Douglas are great pears for Kansas! There are many bushels of them this year! A true branch breaker of a year! The pear skin is thinner than usual making this years crop hard to beat! We are very blessed! Hopefully everyone else has had good fortune with their pears like i did with these douglas pears! Douglas is a true gem from Douglas County Kansas! Similar quality to Duchess D’ Angoulme but most consider douglas superior in flavor.


Sounds good. How precocious are Douglas Pears?


They are very precocious.


I guess I’ll have to try it again


Douglas is starting to taste pretty good! These are good fall pears for our area. These are a good balance of sweet and sour that reminds most people of an apple more so than a pear. Almost everyone eats a second one after eating the first.


I grafted some Douglas scions onto pyrus betufolia in 2015 and they fruited for the first time this year i.e. 4 years later. P. betufolia is virtually indestructible and the scions grew like crazy the first year. The fruit is mild - sweet with a hit of spice - not the best-tasting pear ever but overall quite good. It is firm and would make a good canning pear which is what I am looking for - also a firm salad pear. Overall I like it. I highly recommend betufolia as a root stock but watch out. It creeps out of the pots from the bottom holes and will root on its own. Before you know it, you will have a huge and worthless pear tree with lots of thorns. It is not a very “user-friendly” root stock due to the thorns but it defines the concept of vigorous and hardy. It is very easy to root new plants (shoots come up from the roots) and you will have an endless supply of root stock from now until whenever you no longer need them. Unfortunately the fruit it produces is worthless - chick-pea size and not at all edible. The tree grows very rapidly and well supports the scion.