Dr Yao Jujube Tasting 10/1 Alcalde NM


Thanks Bhawkins for sharing the info on your trip. I am planning on going next year. I bought 2 Sandia from Red Chinese Dates and got 2 fruits. They were great in size and tasted crunchy, juicy and sweet even though they were not fully ripened. The guy who runs Chinese Red Dates is Dr. Yao’s husband FYI. I have 1 Honey Jar and 1 Sugarcane I bought 3 years ago and they are extremely prolific producers. I live in north Texas. My Sugarcane fruit can get dry sometimes when it gets very hot. Watering does not help btw. Honey Jar is heat proof or something because the fruit quality is excellent all the time. I love the Sugarcane taste. It does resemble the taste of sugarcane that I love. I truly believe Sandia is the new Honey Jar. The fruit is beautifully round, and tastes delicious. I highly recommend it. I am a new member. Thanks for creating this room!


Hi Sandia75, welcome to the group. I’m In McKinney, where are you? The workshop is a lot of fun. I’ve got a Sandra on order. Based on Yao’s comments, productivity is a question w Sandia… Sugarcane and Honeyjar are both winners here too.


Thanks for the info on Sandia. As a fellow Texan it’s good to know what to grow. However this Texas climate is so varied with moisture. I have bought a few things from Bingye and have always gotten good products.

Welcome to the group!!!


Thanks for the welcome Katy and BHawkins. I am in north Fort Worth in the Alliance area. My Sandia is right next to the Honey Jar. So hopefully that will help with production. I ordered another Sandia and a Jing-39 from Bingye. I also ordered an Autumn Beauty, Chico, and Winter Delight from Burnt Ridge. I am out of space so they will be in 36” diameter pots. I am just curious about the taste. Especially Autumn Beauty and Chico. Bingye told me they grafted Jing-39 for the University( New Mexico State) if he has extra, he will send me 1.


Autumn Beauty & Chico both do great here, you’'ll be happy with them


Great to hear. Thanks for that info!