Duchesse d’Angouleme pear


Yes those Duchess D’ Angoulme pears look good. Sometimes you run out of growing season before they soften up much. Refrigerate the pear to get the longest storage out of them. The animals start targeting them hard this time of year. They will soften some inside as they ripen but leave them on the tree as long as you can.


I ordered 10 DHoneys, 5 dutchess and 5 hosui from Mike for December planting as well as 50 ohf84’s, and scions:) thanks for the heads up on sources



Lots of members have pear scions for trade and several companies sell wood or trees. The site has an entire section dedicated to sources to get orchard trees. Pears are very undervalued by people now because mostly the stores dont sell them. The majority of people have not tried over half a dozen pears. I’m glad to see pears making a big comeback.


For scions I have ordered Cfritz, dabney, Jumbo, dana hovey, douglas,
and am looking for warren and a few others… i “found” another 700’ row where i can fit them in, along a ditch!


I’ve really been living that this year, so many great pears and so little time! I eat a couple every day. Tonight I had a Dana Hovey, the wonderful flavor is still lingering hours later!