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Traditionally, when people leave their homelands to settle in a new place, rather it’s from one state to another or one country to another, they take plant material with them. Seeds, plants, scion wood, all of that. It’s a historical fact. There are beautiful stories surrounding this truth and I imagine also some that aren’t so beautiful (when new diseases or pests are inadvertently introduced to an area). Why is that a controversial concept in this thread?


Well, it’s not the purpose of the topic. If Blueberry wanted to start a topic he didn’t have to put his thoughts on this one. I’m pretty over people hijacking topics I’ve started to have them closed and this one is worth continuing to discuss for others who might have similar experiences.


This exactly is what disc4tw (the topic starter) is talking about. This topic is being hijacted to expres (political points) via off topic further discussion.

It is true that historically people have spread plant species while settling into new area’s. A lot of things have been spread by soldiers, either taking them back to their home country when a war/deployment ends. Or purposefully spreading them to outposts (the romans come to mind)

I however find in incredible unlikely that people crossing the border on foot, would do that carrying a potted up diseased fruit tree. (this topic is about fruit tree diseases in part)
I find it an even more laughably insane idea, to assume that those people who usually have been traveling for months on foot, did so carrying scions, in the off chance that they encounter a rootstock on the other side of the border.

settlers who emigrated to undiscovered parts, historically took plant material with them. But I’m sure nowadays if people import plant material from their country of origin they do so long after they emigrated, instead of when they are crossing a border on foot. And do so via post office or having people carry it via legal entranceways.

It would amaze me if even 0.000001% of scions/fruit trees that might form a risk of carrying disease where carried over the border on foot.

Trying to blame people that cross the border on foot for a problem (fruit tree diseases) they have clearly nothing to do with, carries Ra… connotations with it.

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Thanks for your input @oscar .

Back to the original intend of the thread @disc4tw . I am really interested in a bulk co-op order from CAN, like the one we have with Hartman’s, but nervous about it not making it here. Do you think there is any foolproof way for us to pull that off?

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I would vet the desired species prior to ordering to make sure nothing in the same family is on a restricted list. From there, a phyto certificate should be sufficient based on my understanding.


I think with all import/export there is always some risk involved. For businesses they calculate that into the operation.

I think the only fool-proof way to do it, would be to outsource it to a commercial importer that can give you guarantee’s / insurance.


That’s an interesting idea. I guess if I really wanted something that isn’t available here, the alternative being that I am just buying from CAN to get it in bulk for less, that would be the way to go.

I am interested in Sweet Thing dwarf bush cherry, but I can’t find anyone stateside who sells it.

I would ask the supplier you are interested in using if they are even legally allowed to sell it to someone in the states. They may have some kind of license restrictions.

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Good point. I saw it listed on FloraMaxx’s 2023 order form and assumed that it could be shipped here as well, but you’re right, perhaps they are restricted from shipping it here.

How about getting back to the topic finally please…


And that still has nothing to do with this thread and it’s purpose. So once again I will ask that you begin a new one if you wish to discuss your concerns.


if you order plants from alska, do you also need a phyto certificate?

As far as I know there is not certificate to order from Alaska or Hawaii. However much is restricted INTO some states like California for good reason.

we where back on topic.

It’s the same person who keeps steering it into a political discussion again and again. Unless something is done about that.
I’m afraid it will never get back to the topic.

I‘m not political I‘m practical please can we lay down the political…
Geographically Alaska Cananda… can you order your plants just from Alaska? Even Canada is big but some plant exchange must be done…

I wasn’t political in my statement in any way… I just said what the restrictions were for the US. There aren’t any, except for some states like California which have more strict rules for limiting disease into the state.

I never meant that you were political. never mind it was because of the previous posts…
I know because of the citrus plague in CA…
just wondering if the plants you want could also buy in alska Instead of Canada

I understand what you mean now. There are propagators in the continental US for the plants I was trying to buy but they are about 3 times as expensive. So I was originally trying to save some money but it turned into a headache.