Encouraging Branching and Fruiting Spurs

There is significant area of the branch ( plums / peach ) with no flowers, etc. I would like the flowers to start lower on the scaffold and to add scaffold lower on on the trunk.

I have Benzylaminopurine to hopefully help with this. Do I simply need to mix 2% with lanolin and place a small amount on the area I want to induce branching / spurs? ( Does this assist with spurs also? ) Is it necessary to put a cut in the branch ( Id like to avoid cutting the branches as much as possible to help avoid disease issues )

Do i need to be using Gibberllins in a similar way?

Can you post some literature on the tech to share? I see folk in shroomery.org and cactiguide.com using it on succulents. I don’t know if anyone has here has direct experience but this thread could grow to be a resource.

To add to this I am about to do nearly the exact same experiment but using an unknown cytokinin and Kinetin

Outside of the chemical realm, you may want to consider notching below the branch or spur that you want to make more fruitful. I have only notched above buds and branches to encourage branching, so I cannot speak to the effectiveness of notching below.

I picked some up in response to this thread that mentioned it. I don’t have any other info.