Experience with Red Fleshed Apples


You are right Steve, the fruit from B118 is nothing special.


Update for y’all.

One Green World nursery of Oregon is carrying lots of red-fleshed apples. Just FYI.



Did you get any Baker’s Delicious to fruit this summer?

How did you like the taste of them?




They say no trialling is complete without a test in southern wisconsin. Just sayin…



Along the lines of this thread I thought I’d let y’all know that when we went to Reed Valley last week, they had a flyer with all their varieties and when they should be available. They actually have a couple red fleshed apple varieties in their orchard. They should have Hidden Rose ready about the end of September, and Winter Red Flesh available in October some time. We will get some samples then and report back.



I found you!


Tag-- You’re it!


My Baker’s Delicious trees are blooming now so should have a good crop of them.


How exciting!

We’ll expect a full report!


Does anyone know anything about the Lubera red fleshed apples from Europe.

These seem to have been mainstreamed in Europe.



When has Redfield bloomed for you? I’ve encountered conflicting records (those from England hardly matter.)
I have Winekist here as well and it surprised me by blooming about mid-late - or the end of mid-season. Redfield has yet to bloom and people ask me what to expect.


My Airles red flesh has 2 fruit set. I will keep readers informed.


My only Redfield is too young to have bloomed. My only experience is with fruit from my cider partner Ben’s orchard in Maine or else picked by him at Poverty Lane in NH.


My Redfield is also too young to flower. Fedco rates Redfield’s bloom as early and I wish to confirm that.

I came up with a solution for the grafting project which will satisfy, I hope: grafted Redfield for tartness and another for added bloom time.


A pink apple tart made from Mott Pink apples.


It looks delicious!! I want the recipe.



It looks delicious mrsg47! Do you like the leaving the peel in pies and tarts? I always eat the peel when I fresh eat an apple but remove it when I make pie. Once I made a pie with the peel still on and during cooking the peels slid off and created a bunch of ropy off-textures noodles in my pie. I didn’t care for it that way.


Simply saying that it looks great doesn’t do it justice. Wow




Yes, isn’t that where the vitamins hide? Sometimes they get lost in sugar, cream and butter!


Aren’t those the important vitamins?