Fall Vegetable Garden


I do not know Galina, you maybe right on that, they may bolt, we’ll see.


Peas are starting to bloom!


One is a Daikon. It’s called Bora King F1. Then there’s Red Meat and Shunkyo Semi-long all three from Johnny’s. Then another called Watermelon from Gurney’s.

They should all reach considerable size and they don’t go pithy at least until after they bolt. I should have good eating all winter.


Has anyone grown Hakurei turnip? Wondering when they should be planted…


I’m growing something similar called tokyo market turnip. It is OP.
I think I will succession sow this all winter…only 30 days to maturity.


I just got back from vacation and everything seems to be gong as planned. While I was gone a thunderstorm blew over some amaranth and corn, and a tomato post fell, but nothing major and the fall seedlings continue to grow. It is always amazing how much the seedlings grow while I’m away compared to looking at them daily.


One week from planting. Still working on getting a full stand of carrots. The radish and Kohlrabi look good with minimal weeds.

I’ll need to thin more esp the kohlrabi.

I got half a stand of carrots. So spread more seeds, covered with a thin layer of fine soil, and covered with 4 layers of agribon 19 before watering. Now down to 2 layers agribon.


The earlier planting of spinach is showing some yellowing and wilting, later one looks better


Nice looking brassica seedlings. Mine would be eat down to ribs so I have to size them up in a protected area before putting out due to pest pressures.
And since I’m only feeding DH and I, it is better for me to sow little and often for a continual harvest. Exception if it is a crop I’m going to can. I’ve tried canning brassicas and, like carrots, we don’t care for the taste so much. So I sow carrots every month or so. In fact, I’m sowing a little of something about every 10 days and this time of year, when the ground temp is pushing 90 and the heat index is 106, I do it in the A/C :blush:


Lois, have you tried shading your spinach in Aug?


It’s under a row cover


Growing these guys to about 6-8" before putting out. As you can see we’ve had lots of rain. The cabbages to the right of the 1st pic are about the right size. They’re going to my son. Mine are out already.

The window supported above the seedlings is to prevent washouts which can happen without warning. With this cool weather I wish I had started some things sooner but all is good.


Hi Steve,

What is in the background on the left of the first picture? Is that your greenhouse with the sides rolled up?


No those are horse pens made out of well pipe. But thanks for asking. Here’s a picture of my greenhouse and the horse pens. The garden area is just behind the melon patch.


Ah, thanks for the clarification. It looked like fruit trees growing in the high density method you use in your greenhouse and with ground covering as well. What do you grow there?


Peaches, nectarine, apricot, and plums but mostly nectarines. Mostly I grow trees not fruit…lol


And in the few years you don’t freeze out the birds and squirrels are very thankful to you for growing them fruit! Such is life in Texas. Hahaha!


I ate my first winter radish yesterday about 38 days from planting. It was crunchy and pretty hot…really just right. The radish grow like weeds. Carrots and kohlrabi less but they all look nice.


Some brassicas dwarfed by the giant yacon.
I love watching these develop.
Celery, peas, celeriac, salad turnip, pak choi, lettuce, scallions, carrots, etc in hoop house bed. (Haven’t put the cover on yet.)
Another bed of brassicas planted later. These I will cover with poly when temps are too hard on them. (That’s netting and shade cloth on the right.)
I have more in flats to plant out when they are big enough to survive. If I succession plant, I harvest all winter and early spring.


I’ve never heard of people trying winter sowing this far north. Anyone tried it in the north? We are near Minneapolis/St. Paul. Most winters hit minus 25, sometimes minus thirty or more.