Favorite apple to eat?

Appleseed- Around here anyway King David tends to overbear and be small if not thinned; here’s off a tree that didn’t bear as heavily. These could have used another month on the tree; people think they are ripe at this point, but they should be allowed to hang longer until they look like Arkansas Black.


I’m in Northern Indiana.
I guess that I missed my homework by not knowing the Pink Lady was a late apple.

Storage is something that I never considered either. I have never stored an apple.
We just eat them or give away in season.

I didn’t know there was such a thing, you are teaching me new things :slight_smile: So that’s a good possibility and that might be the reason I read many reviews like yours but didn’t think alike. Ì don’t think Ì have ever had a Macoun. Would love to try it.

Macoun can be a fabulous apple for fresh eating. My early grafts of it failed but I have good takes this year and should have a few to eat in a couple of years.

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I’m south of most of you people, so we grow different apples here. My #1 apple is Grimes Golden. It’s
large, hard and crunchy with a great flavor. I can’t stand soft apples.


@Daemon2525, if you didn’t find the following post

scroll down and you will find my favorites list. At least as of last year, I’m sure there will be different favorites this year.

Re: King David, I just can’t get my tree to bear. It was making a million shoots to the skies. I decided to radically train it and made an umbrella out of it - only one fruiting plane, mostly horizontal. This year it seems to have finally settled down and I hope I can get some apples on it next year.

I’ve had years where Goldrush didn’t ripen into a very useful apple in my Z6 but then I planted a tree in the sunniest part of my property, which helps although not all fruit reaches peak quality on short seasons.

Pink Lady doesn’t get as good as further south but is still quite useable most seasons. I’m interested in the early season version- where are you folks getting it? I couldn’t find a source that didn’t require a minimum purchase of 100 trees.

Macoun is my favorite fall tasting Apple. Can’t beat Gravenstein for its early ripening. Goldrush for a later Apple.

I will vote for Fuji, my all time favorite

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ztom, mine fruited for the first time last year and I don’t think they fully ripened before I had to harvest them due to freezing temperatures. They certainly looked ripe, but they must not have been. They weren’t very good at all.

If you can grow it you really should, most people like them a lot and they possess so many positive attributes. They are disease resistant, insect resistant (I think), bear super heavy, and have nice growth characteristics.

ACN lists the ripening date at Nov. 10, that’s probably about right, so it’s even later here for me. Most years that’s going to be too late for me. I think Z6 is probably pushing it.

Would someone please tell me what the acronym ACN stands for. It’s probably something that my mind should automatically interpret, but it’s running in slow mode today. Thanks.

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Adams County Nursery

Alan I got my “Maslin” from Brandts, they are a large commerial grower. Only had it on M9. I dont think they have a minimum, but the way they ship it is going to cost as much to ship one tree as it will 25. I saw somebody else had them the other day on the commercial side as I was sourcing out some orders for this coming fall and next spring.

Gold Rush
McIntosh immediately off my own tree
King David
Mammoth Black Twig (not paragon)
I’ve had Grimes Golden that was epic; not yet ripe in my yard.
Many others like that…Anticipation.
I’ve had so many that others raved about, I bought at a grocery store,
and thought, “Meh”. If you grow it yourself the right way, you can make it amazing.
John S

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It is much different to rate the fruit off your own trees.

Ashmead’s Kernel is one that wins lots of taste tests, very high brix with enough acid to make the flavor quite interesting- and it is hard and crisp. Tough to work for good crops here- I’m still figuring it out. May respond to having overly vigorous new wood removed in mid-spring. I’m hoping mine calms down as it ages but it is already 12 years old. First decent crop on it this year after a 3 year drought.

I actually just had a Goldrush yesterday from a local orchard, but they were kept under gas. Still, not too exciting, except for being able to say I had one - it was closer to a so so yellow delicious at this point. But I love them in the fall through January when they are still sharp and spunky.

Daily eating, Fuji gets the nod for good keeping and very reliable flavor.

But, while I don’t have any myself, the apple I’m looking to most from the farmers market this fall is Crimson Topaz. One farm grows them and only has a few trees. They come in during late September here and have a great tart/sweet taste with a very satisfying crunch. I understand that except for cedar apple rust, they are quite disease resistant.

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I like a cold hard crisp Granny Smith apple.
Honey Crisp I fell in love with after my first apple.
Fuji this last March was so sweet, and crisp right from the grocery store. They were the best!

Jonagold - from my own tree


Have you checked Willow Drive Nursery? Sometimes they carry PL Maslin. Not sure if they have minimum orders.

Matt, I haven’t tried them. I would like to purchase about 5 trees of this variety so many of the commercial nurseries aren’t helpful. I assume the variety will become more widely available if it does extend the Pink Lady range. September Fuji took a while to get around but Adams finally started selling it.