Favorite apple to eat?


Dusted the filling with flour, sugar and cinammon.


We went to Rittman’s Orchard in Akron OH yesterday and I bought a huge bag of Esopus Spitzenberg seconds for $6.50. I’m going to store some for a month, but the one I ate already was fantastic. Had a really “fruity” taste, and they are supposed to get much better with storage. For me, either the Spitzenberg or Ashmead’s Kernel is the best apple I’ve tried. On a side note, we got one King Luscious apple that was 19 oz! I think the circumference was 14.5" inches. Haven’t tried it yet.


@applenut, what is the harvest window for Wickson here in So Cal?


October usually, near the end of the month.


For me…

by far… for those who like crisp, dense, juicy, very sweet & flavorful and sour just short of forcing a lip pucker but enough to make you stand up and take notice.

Not pretty but what a great personality!



Cribbs Pink is high on my list of favorites.


Karmijn de’ Sonneville and Liberty, at least this year. Had a Liberty the other day that had hung on the tree longer than usual, was almost black in color- really, really good. Juicy, firm, complex-flavored, crisp and aromatic. Not as sharp as the Karmijn, but well balanced sweet/sour quality. Streaked with red just under the skin. But there is something elusive in the Karmijn that no other apple I’ve eaten has.


I thought I would put up a Wickson picture to show why its not a good variety in warm humid places.

I think this is my last year for it. The texture and taste is unique but its not worth it for me.

BTW since it may not be clear from the pictures, they cracked some time ago, that is the cause of those cragged lines in them. Brix is 19.


I Change my opinion of Liberty every year. Two years ago I was thinking of getting rid of them, last year they were good and this year they are at their best. I was thinking the fact that I didn’t water the trees except from rain and it was a very dry summer they are so tasty.


Sounds like a great blind date!



So someone did get it. :wink:



Honey Crisp for sure.; Fuji, Braeburn are pretty good too. Though I am quite impressed with Scarlet Sentinel, I had one apple and it is pretty good.


My favorite is Golden Russet. I also really like Rubinette which was the taste test winner from my trees.

From the store:
Lady Alice
Newtown Pippin
Envy (when not insipid)

I’d love to taste an Ashmead’s Kernel that was over 20 brix. So far I’ve never had one that approached a good Golden Russet.


My vote is for Honeycrisp. I love them. :heart_eyes:


Does anyone from New York (or environs) have any experience with NY 1 (‘SnapDragon’) or NY 2 (‘Ruby Frost’) that Cornell was promoting a few years back? It seems like they should be in the markets this year.


[quote=“Vohd, post:156, topic:1842”]
Does anyone from New York (or environs) have any experience with NY 1 (‘SnapDragon’) or NY 2 (‘Ruby Frost’)
[/quote]Yes, I’ve had both from a local U-pick. Both are sweet, crisp and juicy. Neither had a noteworthy flavor. Ruby Frost has slight tartness, but Snap Dragon has none. I’m not sure what is supposed to make them standout. The one thing that did surprise me was that Ruby Frost kept its shape very well after baking. It’s ok for a low acid baking apple. However, I think Honeycrisp is better for the sweet all-purpose apple niche.


Replying to myself, I know. I probably have had Ashmead’s Kernel at 20 brix. I ate a Roxbury Russet yesterday that was still a little green with a bit of starchiness and it measured 20 brix. It had a lot of acid, I think most would consider it sour. Maybe after some storage it would be more balanced.

But in retrospect, the Ashmead’s Kernels I’ve had in the past probably had similar sugar, just overpowered by sour.


Thanks for the information, AJ. I don’t expect that I will see either out West for some time given the marketing arrangement for them so it’s good to hear that I may not be missing something notable. My impression was that Snap Dragon was supposed to compete with Honeycrisp (high brix, high crunch) but offer growers fewer difficulties and that Ruby Frost was high brix, high-crunch + acid for that consumer segment.

The patents have some descriptive details: Apple Tree Named ‘New York 1’ Apple Tree Named ‘New York 2’ .


I’m disappointed to hear that AJ, but I’d expected as much. Every advert I’d read, including internet articles etc. seemed as though they were really trying to drive home the point of Honeycrisp lineage. This made me believe that they had nothing special, and were simply hoping to hijack the Honeycrisp bandwagon. I’ll definitely buy a few if I see them show up in our markets, but my expectations are now even more tempered.
SweeTango is the only apple I’ve had that imo approached HC, but it was just one purchase, and judging from the reports of others here, it may have been a fluke.


Our local Stop and Shop or Walmart ( I forgot which) had Ruby Frost. Just seemed like another sweet Apple on the shelf to me.