Favorite avocado varieties?


hmmm, so i should be applying cinnamon instead of gypsum. that’ll give a nice cinnamony smell to the avocado mound. :grinning: sold!


Quick update on my trees-

These two unknown type A & B trees planted together are both in full bloom and seems like there are tiny avocados setting. I’m hoping these two seedling trees get to produce this year.

This hass has been in the ground for 14 months now (planted as a one year old) and is starting to grow much faster-


Very exciting to see all this growth in such a short time. I’ll hold off until fall for my next update but really like being able to track the progress of my trees with these posts.

The Bacon is doing better and with a bunch of babies on it, and the new Fuerte is recovering from my transplanting error nicely-


Just moved to a new house and there are several avocado trees. Any idea how to tell what they may be? These 2 look quite different. Goleta, CA