Favorite Gooseberries and Currants


No problem, I will collect cuttings for you. I’m doing it today, i was not sure 30 minutes ago, the garbage disposal fell off! It was not on right. I just fixed it and it didn’t break or anything. So I can move on to harvesting cuttings. It’s always something isn’t it?


I wanted to take you up on your current cutting offer too, I wasn’t sure when cutting season was.


Yeah sure PM me your address @JesseS PM address too please.

I have 6 cultivars available I gave Jesse some of each. Let me know what you need.

Minaj Smyriou
Black September


@Drew51 Thanks again for the cuttings. I popped the bag open and detected some mold growing. I had not taken them out of the paper so I did not realize you send 3 of most of the types.

After the bleach wash I decided to try rooting them in the mist propagator and here are the results so far.



My Ben Serak produces large berries; I have three, and a huge crop ever other year. On the off years I only get twelve pints of jam. I also have Consort as an extra pollinator. Consort berries are far smaller. After six or seven years my red, white and pink currants died. :disappointed_relieved:


Yeah I think i had them too wet, I am going to try different methods of storing and shipping. Good luck with them. All the small and irregular cuttings I stuck in soil outside, some will grow next spring. I should have extra plants if needed.

I have that one, and Consort, and 6 others. I should eventually get a decent amount!


Lordkiwi, that seems like overkill. I stab them in the ground and they grow.


Agree with muddy; i am sure they will grow there too but i have rooted by just stuffing in ground in the shade and am currently rooting several black currants in a pot of soil in a window. No dome cover, no rooting hormone…currants like to root.


@murky @markalbob Maybe, but its still cool and Drew sent more then enough extras I was going to mist one set and plant out the other. But this is working so well. I think I might not take to many chances.


Don’t get me wrong, I think that the misting set up is pretty cool and will probably work excellent with them, my only point was if the real estate becomes limiting, gooseberries and currants can root almost anywhere.

Enjoy your set up but if you ever need to bump them out don’t sweat moving them. And yes I’m jealous of your bubbler.


Maybe I should start a DIY thread all you need is one of these with a timer Mister


Honestly i might be too lazy but it would be a great thread


I would love one for rooting blueberries and the hard to root mulberries. I am going to set one up at some point. I’m still thinking on how I want to do it. I may even be able to root stone fruit. I do know one way to root stone fruit, never tried it. I will maybe next season. It’s a technique with girdling. Alcedo who mastered and developed it, has passed away. He was a member here. Send me seeds, great guy! He is missed. Exact instructions may be on this site or garden web? He had his own site, but it has been taken down. Basically he girldled a branch to increase hormone production, then took the cutting to root. i was thinking of trying an air layer with girdling.


yes, please do the DIY, it would be fun to experiment like markalbob suggests.


Like to root is correct.


wow…more roots above “ground” than below

you know folks would kill to see a tutorial on how you built that…

just sayin


I am working on that, but it will have to wait till I get back into town next week.


thank you


This is Brett from South Dakota, 5a, just getting into Currant/Gooseberry growing/testing here. Currently grow lots of Raspberries. Wondering if I need to keep any shade in mind for planting? I have a 450ft long row ready to plant in the corn field next to my house that is full sun, planting Aronia, Haskap, Saskatoon, Currant and Gooseberries in the row this week. Very good soil, weed barrier cloth put down and 8" of wood mulch applied over weed barrier, bluegrass planted 8’ on each side of row. Wide open however, no shade. I see your zone is 5b/6a so you have same or more heat than I will. Have 20 Gooseberries/Currants coming from Lucy at Whitmans in a couple days and others from different locations… Thinking of 4’ on spacing on them?? I am used to keeping an eye on leave/fungal disease/treatment with raspberries and proper air flow which sound similar. Appreciate any advice or experiences you have on the subject! Thank You, Brett.


Just so no one sprays herbicides on the corn field when the breeze is toward your bushes.