Fermenting peppers


What effect does fermenting have on the heat of the peppers?



@TheNiceGuy, the green tabascos are perfectly fine, they just don’t have much of the distinct flavor. Just a generic green pepper

@MES111, my experience is that fermentation has zero impact on how hot they are. Others may have a different experience, but that’s what I’ve observed.


I envy your charred barrel aging! I would love to try that some day.


I must have mentioned using charred oak, but I can’t let you think I have real barrels, or any climate controlled place to store them. I simply took small chunks of oak heartwood and charred them until well blackened, and then submersed them in my jars of fermenting pepper puree.


Haha, I see now that you said “chips.” I must have seen “charred oak” and my imagination ran wild. Oak chips still sounds good to me.