Figs 2018


You should try GM-142 it’s said to have figs that are nearly identical to Smith in taste and texture, it originated from the Island chain of Malta in the Mediterranean, a hot and very dry place. It’s a high production tree here in the south east, yet I am not sure how high production yet.


Rain didn’t split them all, Florea and various Etna types, and a single RdB… still have not figured out how to make her happy. Ants are hitting hard also.


Good looking figs! I wish i could grow peppers like those, those things are awesome! We get to much sun for jumbo peppers, I may try shade cloth next year. Any recommendations on how you get the size and thick walls?


Those were grown in compost socks in a greenhouse, seems like they are really greedy on fertilizer if they enjoy straight compost like that, ph is probably close to 8 as well.


Thanks, good info!


Really interested how your unk pastillere turn out Brent, my grafted branch failed to set fruit so will have to wait till next year.


how was that Iraqi, looks like it may have been over-ripe.

Beautiful figs, though. I have 25+ varieties and I’m fortunate if I get more than a couple dozen figs each year (and frequently its not the same varieties year after year). I do end up with lots of fruitlets which never progress towards ripeness in many years.



The Iraqi tastes nice. Some big seeds and lots of seed crunch. It’s small but a good fig.

My figs don’t get over ripe and don’t spoil or mold unless the weather is really bad. I’ve had 1-2 fruits that were moldy inside this yr. The fruits just dry more and become more like dried figs. For long term storage I dry them more. I think they’re better dried than fresh. Just like eating candy, healthy candy.

I’ve had ripe main crop for more than two months already with another 3 months to come. It pays to have a greenhouse, a long season, and plenty of sun. Even Black Madeira has been ripening main crop since mid June.


how productive is it? It seems to be a smaller fruit, which I would assume ripens more quickly than larger varieties. (please correct me if I’m wrong) A quicker ripening variety might be good for those of us in shorter summer climates…



Thanks, it has had no trouble making figs for me, it seems like a productive variety… I got it before there was certainty about its pollination requirements and have not had the heart to get rid of it even though they all drop, but it has been neglected for a couple of years now. I’m sure the fruit will be nothing like what I see coming out of Socal but it should at least serve as a fine seed parent.


Your RdB, is it only one plant that is non productive or are your all RdB not productive, in general?


It set figs at every node on a first yr cutting. I thought it was going to die in May, a tiny plant. Now it’s 5ft tall with 40+ figs. Seems pretty early but I can’t tell as it got a late start.


All 25+ of them! They set very few fruits early and what forms later on often does not have time to ripen before frost. I have a row of 17 in ground that I need to figure out what to do with, I’d like to graft them but RdB is so prone to suckering I think it might be easier to start over.


I asked because I have two 2nd year RdB plants in 3 gal pots. I admit I was about to give up on figs. Somehow this year, all, but first year Smith, set fruit.

RdB set the most!!! 20+ figs per plant. (They are small plants). It is dark now. Tomorrow I will take pics so you can tell me if I have a real RdB or another imposer!!


I really like a good seed crunch, really adds too the depth of flavor. Especially if I’m making fruit leather, the more the better! Seems my pollinated figs have more seed crunch but still evaluating.


Here are the pics of a RdB plant with fruit on it. I picked a couple today. Two had split bottom. Considering how much rain we have had, I am not surprised.

The figs tasted good. I believe it would have tasted better if we have not had so much rain.


That’s a RdB alright, looks great. I can see you pinched the tree, I will try that on some next year. In the past trees in the ground just grew more branches so it felt like a waste of time, but I have a bunch in containers now too and will try protecting the ones in ground better this winter before they are condemned. Thanks!


Thanks for confirming it. I pinched the top like @tonyOmahaz5 suggested and fertilize lik3 @jesseS suggested.


You are only making this more and more tempting…lol

I might be looking for a cutting come dormancy…



I need some better light in the kitchen.