Fireblight destruction from 2023 - 2024

@SoMtHomestead … it does sound like pristine and may be.

@dannytoro1 … my HGG tree had many fireblight strikes… several on each scaffold branch…

And the fruit had been hit hard by PC…

Beautiful apples… some a inch tall half inch wide… but each one had multiple v shaped gashes in it.

It its not FB… it is PC, CM, AM…

I am going to set my apple tree limit to 1 going forward and it will be workable from the ground.
No more ladder work with apples for me… if I do keep one long term.


How do you use this for a tree that’s outside? Is it on a covered porch near the tree?

Also do you have many bees that find their selves in harms way?

No bees generally are not in the air during those cooler periods of dusk and dawn, 1 light controls about and acre of orchard, the moths can’t resist its blue color. So for me it’s the perfect codling moth solution. I have never found other types of bugs other than mosquitoes in or under the trap. My neighbors tree about 100 yd away is protected by it

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Dennis – Does it really attract wasps? That would be huge. Thx.

No I have not seen wasp attracted