First try at Cider Fermenting


Jug 1 was spoiled. The local cider I made it from has been UV pasteurized which may have killed the wild yeast I needed for fermentation. I tried again with cider I pressed from my Goldrush apples but its too soon to tell how it will turn out. I’m also sitting on a bunch of Winesaps that I intend to press when I get the time.

I use Star San for disinfecting the buckets and jugs and with Goldrush and Winesap apples I hope to get something good.


how does everyone here grind their apples? i use a 1hp garbage disposal with stainless internals and it works quite well, except it will overheat occasionally and you pretty much have to feed apples one at a time…


My favorite part of cider making was using the heavy cast iron flywheel grinder that I might have gotten from Happy Valley Ranch. You crank the flywheel with one hand and toss in apples with the other hand. It grinds them up pronto as long as you toss in only one at a time.


I connected mine to electric. So much easier!


I think Redfield needs trying across the country: high tannins, pectin (might have to adjust things accordingly, but makes it also a candidate for jelly) acids, color and flavor. I bought one a few years ago and continue to be impressed by the tree and fruit. You will have sugars to ferment from others.

My first Claygate Pearmain has loads of flavor and acid. Hunt Russet loads of flavor, sugar (up to 19 Brix here in Spokane) and acid. Dabinett, Harrry Masters Jersey and Medaille d’Or are all on my wish list. Check into Fedco scion list for their feral cider apples: Fuel Service, Shavel Sharp, Tarecap Bitter, Bitter Pew & Screenshot all look worth trying.