Flavor supreme pluot; zone 5 hardy?


If you contact Dave Wilson Nurseries they should be able to tell you if they sell to any Canadian Nurseries and which nurseries they are.
I have the same problem. I would like a Cupid Dwarf Cherry, but it has not been distributed over here as of yet. I do have Julia, Carmine Jewel and Wowza, The University of Saskatchewan made a deal with “Gardens Alive” here in the USA to distribute dwarf cherry trees, and it included a few new unnamed cultivars that Gardens Alive was allowed to name. , only one so far has been released, Wowza…

No, but I picked up Elephant Heart Scion, and I thought it was that one that was like a pluot?. I myself also found Weeping Santa Rosa to be excellent.
This year I should get to sample for the first time Vermont, Superior, Toka, Lavina, Laroda and some pluots. I did have a few superior plums last year, but they were under ripe. All those plums are supposed to be decent.


Do you grow Satsuma? That is an excellent plum. Superior is great if its totally ripe… probably my favorite outside of Flavor King. I’ve never tried Toka/Laroda or Vermont… i can see in my future ridding myself of peaches/nectarines/apricots and cherries and just focusing on plums… they seem to be for me the easiest to grow and people seem to really like them (my family/friends).


Yes, have a whole tree of it. Well it has been subject to my grafting experiments :open_mouth:

Yes I’m looking forward to trying them.
Vermont is a yellow with a red blush when ripe.
Toka seems to be mostly popular by growers. Uniquely flavored

A write up about Toka, Vermont, Superior and others is here. It’s good! Good site!

Laroda is a Zaiger plum. Best for fresh eating. Very late though.

I have small grafts of others too Hollywood, and Inca.


Have you tried Black Ice…i wonder how that compares to Satsuma… not sure how close the ripening times are…Satsuma seems early…but that site claims Black Ice is early. …i might need to add that one.


I have it, no fruit yet. I think I have all I need! Adding Elephant Heart, but that’s it, I’m good!
I want to maybe make some back ups of for sure keepers, and try to get full scaffolds. I may have to re-try from time to time.


I had Black Ice, it cracked badly and I later learned it has a reputation for that.

Laroda isn’t Zaiger, it is a USDA release from the 50’s. Great plum!

I am re-adding Elephant Heart this spring, I grew it several years ago when I was 100% organic and it was too much of a rotter but I will try again … the taste is good enough to give another go.


Elephant heart is my favourite Asian plum. When superior gets ripe it is actually very good and is pretty fruity and sweet.


I will see how it does for me. But good to know. Easy enough to remove. I found enough plums to keep me happy. It’s cool the garden has some excellent cultivars in it. Last year it was so much fun. Hope I get good crops this year. One never knows with the crazy weather.


Satsuma is not as bud hardy as Shiro. A few years back, Satsuma buds got wiped out by fluctuating temp in Feb and early March.

Shiro had minimal damage.

My Satsuma is in partial shade and barely set fruit. I like the fruit but not its production.


Somehow I think a weeping Santa Rosa is not cold hardy to zone 5b, 6a.

What’s your opinion, @scottfsmith?


Its weird… the one branch of Satsuma grafted to my cot died…and the graft that was on my wild plum survived and set a few fruit. They are about 15 feet away from each other. Maybe rootstock or just luck… That cot (with satsuma) is looking rough the past few years though so it might be on its way out… the previous spring hit it hard and i had to trim off a lot of dead wood. I’m slowly moving everything on to Krymsk… The flavor supreme (single tree) died all the way to the graft… Temp was down to -33F…which is once every 20 year deal around here…


I have the whole tree for 5-6 years now. Stingy production comparing to Shiro (loaded) but Shiro gets more sun ( neither are in full sun).