Fragaria virginiana

I did google it and can’t find any other information on it.

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me niether. maybe its something edible landscape bred themselves? if you google Rodluvan the owner of the stawberry stores you tube videos come up that explain the source of the cultivar. nothing exists like that for the one your interested in. maybe contact them directly and ask them the history of it and when they will be back in stock? i have some extra plugs of Rodluvan i could share but they are leafed out and growing now so they wouldnt likely survive shipping with the heat. could root a few runners and send them in oct when they go dormant if your interested. its parentage is a white vesca and a red virginiana. berries are bigger than vesca and so is the plant. supposed to be a heavy june bearer. 1 plant would produce dozens as it runners like crazy.

Most of the info on rödluvan is probably in swedish. And yeah you have to write it like that :wink: It seems to be a better producing Fragaria vesca that was found in Sweden.

My virginianas flowered profusely but I’ve only counted three berries. They’re much smaller than the ones posted earlier.


accoring to The Strawberry store, Rodluvan is a cross of a white F. vesca and a red F. virginiana producing a larger and tastier hybrid that is a heavy june bearer. it runners profusely but ive been clipping them off to help improve fruit set. should be getting to try the berries soon. ive been starting to transplant them on the steep bank near the road that i started planting lupines on. ive noticed in the fields here the wild straws grow biggest near the lupines so it only makes sense to plant some there. also dont have to bend over to pick or mow it anymore so its a win / win!

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I don’t know why they would market it as a hybrid. It’s being sold as fragaria vesca on all the nordic sites. There is a batch at the university arboretum where I went a couple of weeks ago and it was also labeled as f. vesca.

There exists a Swedish hybrid between the garden strawberry and f. vesca but it goes by a different name that I can’t remember right now.

I auto translated this into english so ‘little red ridinghood’ stands for ‘rödluvan’.

"Swedish, late variety of strawberries that gives abundant harvests of large, conical, red berries. The taste is sweet with a distinct aroma of wild strawberries. Has a long harvest that lasts for three weeks. The berries are best eaten directly from the plant but can also be used for jelly, juice and pastries. The variety tears strongly and is suitable as a ground cover. Children’s favorite berries.

Develops best in the sun on nutrient-rich, well-drained, soil-rich and preferably calcareous soil. Avoid wet soils. Fertilize with compost and cow manure when replanting and always fertilize after harvest to avoid the nutrients only going to leaf mass. The plants want even watering, especially during the berry season. Cover the plants with non-woven fabric for earlier harvest. Remove the fabric when the flowers are visible. Use baby nets as protection against hungry birds.

The strawberry ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ is a Swedish selection from crosses of wild Swedish strawberries, produced by Åke Truedsson. The variety is an E-plant with the E-merits; Beautiful, good and productive."


This one has rounder berries and is the only one that has more than one. It’s separated from the others and was hand pollinated by a garden strawberry. The others didn’t seem to fertilize each other at all.


im just going by what The Strawberry store wrote. maybe he talked to the breeders in Sweden when he got the seeds from them.

Just prepare for the possibility that they might not be what is advertized. Scandinavian forest strawberries are a treat so it can’t go badly either way.

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hes been pretty spot on with his other cultivars descriptions so im not really worried.

So these are seedlings from this summer that I got from pollinating a sweet garden raspberry with the wild f. virginiana. The seedlings are only 45 to 50 days old and some are already putting out runners! Very vigorous growers. I hope to get some fruit next year already.