Freezing okra and green beans

Your grandma’s recipe sounds like it would be delicious. My mother would often add ham or a ham bone to our green beans. The beans are white.

I like this method of blanching. The okra appears to be dry coming out of the oven. If you have enough okra cut up and ready it would be easy to set up an efficient way to go from the oven to a freezer bag with very little delay time.

@Auburn … yes that method works well and is pretty quick too.

The way i do it. (You might re-read that) i go from the oven… right to the freezer.

I just move the hot from the oven okra and parchment paper over to a cool baking sheet… it slides right over easily… then go right in the freezer.

About a hour later… it is frozen good and i jar it up and vaccume seal.

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“If you know how to prepare Blue lake they can be pretty good.”

Oh, yeah, they sure can. I grew Blue Lake a couple of years ago, when a big rain washed out a bunch of my garden - including the entire row of beans - and all I could find locally was BL seed.
I cook 'em all pretty much the same way, regardless of variety - but I’m gonna have to try Darrel’s grandmother’s recipe.

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According to the source below April 24th, there is only a 10% chance of frost. I probably won’t wait that long. The next 14 days don’t have any temps forecasted to be below 45F.
In your average springtime, you have a 90% chance that there will be no 36° nights by April 24 . In other words, you can pretty much count on being safe from frost by that day. But we want to get those tomatoes in the ground as soon as possible, right? We see that there’s still an 80% chance of 36° on April 1 , so we don’t dare plant that early. We wait a few days and by April 10 we are at the 50/50 point. At this point, we are close and we can start watching the weather forecast. If the upcoming week’s forecast doesn’t show below 40°, then it’s probably okay to risk planting out your plants.