Fruit picker pole recommendations/technique?


I would like to get a relative a fruit picker pole for Christmas. This would be for large mandarin oranges (the size of a small/medium navel orange) and large lemons. Here is one at Lowe’s

Any comments or recommendations? My worry is that I think you should cut the stem when you harvest, when you pull the mandarin off it leaves some peel on the tree and then you must use the fruit right away, it won’t keep. Still better than leaving the fruit at the top of the tree to fall off and splat later. Maybe two people could work together, one with the fruit picker pole and the other with a tree pruning pole with guillotine at end.


I would highly recommend the one I used in this thread with a telescoping handle if it’s a large tree Here comes the 2016 apple and Pear harvest!


Yes I did a search earlier and saw your post, maybe I will try to pick one up at OSH if they have one with a long handle. The longer handle is better, the mandarin is a very large tree with landscape purposes but has great fruit. I noticed you had nice stems on your pears in the other thread, you were able to do that with the picker? (Probably I don’t know anything about harvesting pears)


If the trees aren’t over 15’ or so, the one you are eyeing should be perfectly adequate. It is an old design that has now gone mainstream- I used to have to go to AM Leonards for what appears to be the same tool when my clients asked me to order one. I saw one just like it at Home Depot a few weeks ago. The telescoping handle is quite useful- too much reach when you don’t need it is awkward.


Here are several to choose from


I use a picker very similar, on an extension pole. The only issue I have is poking the fruit and knocking fruit off on the same stem. I use them only when I can’t reach using a ladder.


I don’t like them for apples, which should be lifted up to pick, while the pole grabber pulls them down


Thanks everyone, I bought one today at OSH, $39.95 plus no sales tax, it happened to bea Flexrake LRB190 which is the one Clark recommended in his earlier post. I don’t have anything here to practice on but will let you know how it works after Christmas


Not all come with a sponge in the bottom but if you get a small sponge for the bottom it helps prevent bruising. A towel works great if you don’t have a sponge.
I push up on the stem slightly with it when I pick a fruit that’s not completely ripe. In the picture you can see it does better with long stemmed fruit and then you just bump it slightly and it comes off. If they are ripe they fall in the basket. It takes about 10 minutes of practice and you will get as proficient with it as if it was a gloved hand.


What I’d really like is one with closely-set fingers for smaller fruits - for cherries


Sounds like a million dollar idea.


The pole is great . The tree must be close to 20 ft tall but I can reach most of the way to the top while standing on the ground. I will practice my technique in a couple months when the mandarins get sweeter. But I think the picker will always leave the stem and a chunk of rind behind, not a big problem.


Or you can make one yourself! I found this picture somewhere on the net but forgot where. I think it’s a doable project!


I prefer this one, no sharp edges and soft bag. You can choose your own pole:,2120,33277




Nice looking picker. The rounded edges should be gentler on the tree limbs.


The fingers on the other picker can hook over the stem when needed to pick stubborn fruit. I like the concept of the one you’ve shown and it would have its uses but not all fruit falls in the sack when you bump it. The other picker simulates a hand that pulls the fruit off the tree which many of my trees need.


I like that one, it looks like you can get a lift on the apple


I’m not sure I understand what you are saying. The one I linked can straddle the stem and pull down on the fruit to force the issue. It can also be pushed up to test if the fruit wants do come due to being ready.

Are you saying that the one in your picture can do something besides those two things that the one I linked cannot? Are you saying you actually push directly on the stem?


Here’s something easier :wink: