Fruit tree recommendations for zone 9A (Louisiana)

I’m a little southwest of baton rouge, right at the top of zone 9A. What has performed well for you?

Do those two blueberries produce every year for you?
Also, please send an update next year if those passion fruit survive the winter. I might try some if they do.

Your location seems to be south of I10. Man it is a world’s different than where I’m located, that’s real humidity down there. I have only a couple of things that has been grown in that region by a member here . Tropic Snow Peach, Arctic Star Nectarine and the Gulf Series Plums. Please use the search function to checkout members @garybeaumont and @Sweetdill from Assumption Parish, they have a lot of experience along the I10 corridor. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

The only protection that I do is, I add wood chips and leaves. That is the only protection I do, if you want to call that winter protection.

They have being producing very well. I am looking to hopefully add more to my yard.

Thanks. I will look into them.

Hi Stan,

I don’t recall the varieties for certain and I remember asking recently and they weren’t sure. I want to say that Tiflblue was included although that one is listed as one of the higher chilling requirements. I think Brightwell may have been one as well.

Brightwell was one of the varieties I was considering.

I haven’t tried a sweeter Rabbiteye than Yadkin.