Garlic 2024

Old scapes become too tough and chewy to eat. Young scapes are snappy

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You should be able to harvest to about 2" above the ground in early scape season. Now it gets tough, only the part that show on your picture is still tender enough to eat.
It is almost end of garlic scapes season here, I just snap the green part off the stock.

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Paella with scapes, roasted garlic, asparagus, roasted red peppers, and chicken.


OMG that looks good! Just need a pitcher of white sangria.

Sparty Ill be over shortly

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We leave three scapes per 12’ bed and let them to grow bulbies. The stage of their cover is showing the readiness of the actual bulbs. We harvest garlic when the cover of the bulbies is about to split.


I had about half die off after planting it in raised beds. I have only 2 raised beds, both cheapo plastic things from a local discounter. They were put in last year for my kids but the kids let the weeds take over. My thought was to keep them weed free but there’s probably more room for error using these beds than just putting it in the ground like I always did in the past.

Interesting to see how people are doing with various types of garlic. I’ll be ordering fresh bulbs for fall planting soon.

Old scapes still make a fine scape + basil pesto.

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As long as you bring a pompano like the one in your member photo, you’d be welcome.