Gauging Green Gage


Boyer’s Nursery of PA is selling Green Gage this year.

Do you know if theirs is the genuine article?

I don’t even know the nursery, but it sure is an illusive variety. The source I’ve used that seems to be the genuine article is Cummins.

Once I move I’m going to have to get one of these, thanks for the tip about Cummins.

that’s not Green Gage

Yeah, I have another few green gage trees from Trees of Antiquity and Raintree that I hope are true to type. This plum was pretty good, though, and it bloomed profusely this spring before getting zapped by 20 degree weather. I got one fruit from a Jefferson plum tree last year, and this fruit seems pretty similar to that. I’m assuming it is some hybrid gage-plum. I also have a 3 year old Purple Gage from Raintree that bloomed much later and set about 6 fruits. They are 1/4" to 1/2" diameter. We got some frost last night, though, so we’ll see if they pull through.

I pretty well trust TofA because they propagate their own trees and the owners are right there engaged in every operation. If their mother tree wasn’t true to name, they’d find out and replace it.

Speaking of that jefferson tree, it was in full bloom on March 31 and got zapped. I noticed a new bloom on it the other day, and one other fruitlet.

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I ordered “Old Green Gage” from Cummins nursery for next season. Is that the same green gage that Alan is referring to?


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That’s the one I recently planted.

Our Green Gage. Look green but sweet as honey.


How was the taste of Purple Gage?

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Very nice👍

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Awesome! What variety is this?

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Green Gage plum, that’s all I know from the nursery tag.

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Last year was the first year they fruited and they ripened so late
(early Oct) that I am wondering if the tree was mislabeled. I actually
posted about it here: Any experience with Purple Gage plum?

They tasted ok but they still weren’t quite ripe. I’ve heard that very young trees can produce inconsistent fruit. I’m hoping that is what happened. This year the tree has a small handful of plums that have been purple for a bout two weeks already, but they are still hard. Hopefully I have some good news in a few weeks.


I don’t have Purple Gage. But Raintree said it is very good plum hopefully your plum tastes very good Ztom.


Is your Green Gage also from Cummins?

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No, I bought it in local nursery.

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Hey Alan,

I emailed Arboreum Company and they replied saying their source for Old Green Gage is “The material came from Robert Nitschke of Michigan, who told us he obtained (by whatever means) from RHS Wisley in the early 1960s. Under that name.”

Is this the same as Cummins Old Green Gage?

Trying to find the for sure true article… everyone claims to have it.