Gerardi Dwarf Mulberry anyone?

Oh, good; I am going to be planting some goumi in the same area as my mulberries. It will be handy that they will ripen together!

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@Barb … best I remember my gerardi ripened fruit for close to two months.

Goumi are earlier than blueberries.

The later ripening mulberries had better flavor than the early ones… could be partly because my gerardi is young… or could be the flavor improves we get more hot sunny days.

My first year gerardi berries were sweet with a nice fruity flavor.

No real tartness… unless you ate them when red or partially red… then you got a little tartness with some grassyness (unripe taste to me).

I preferred them completely black ripe, soft fully swolen. The sweetness and fruity flavor peaked like that.

Will see how that works out this year.


Ughh…I have 40 blueberry bushes and I have the range of early, mid and late, so I’m picking for months! I have lots of friends over to pick as well. I don’t even really like blueberries all that much! My teeth are very sensitive to them for some odd reason; spinach does the same thing. I’m eager to have more choices around the property. Last year, with the late cold snap in the spring, it wiped out my concord grapes and peaches, so I’m hoping that this year I will have a bounty of all sorts of good stuff. I’m counting on some mulberries.