Girardi Dwarf Mulberry 5-11-17


Just picked some Girardi on my 2 years old grafted tree. They are good.



I am impressed with this Girardi dwarf mulberry. It is still producing mulberries while Oscar, and Kokuso had stopped.



I was surprised how good the Gerardi tastes…much like "Illinois Everbearing’…It just may be the ideal mulberry tree.


This was planted last year to replace my broken tree and has grown nicely in the last year-and-a-half. It was about a 1 foot tall whip when I bought it.



Just called Whitman Farms and ordered a Girardi (Gerardi?) mulberry!

Got that and a Juliet bush cherry to increase the number of earlier fruiting trees I have - or provide a feast for the birds depending on how diligent I am about netting them.

Hoping to keep both of them in a 15 gal pot in case we move to a new house in the next couple years.


After some years of search, finally this year i managed to buy a grafted on alba gerardi dwarf here in Europe.
Hope it thrives :slight_smile: put on the ground late january 2020 i can see it will be slow growing.

April 2020

March 2020


Where did you purchase your Gerardi?