Grafting ideas and questions


Toss it all in man stir it up.



Also - 160 sounds so HOT. I believe you, but wow. How does it not fry the buds?


10,000 scions later, Bryan . . .


Read everything I wrote. “Work quickly”.

You can put your entire finger in that wax/water 160 F mix just don’t hold it in there and expect it not to hurt cowboy.



I was concerned about the heat damaging the scions but they were all ok. My process wasn’t as exacting as @Barkslip. I used an old stainless thermos jug. It doesn’t take much wax. I put a few chips of paraffin in and added microwaved water. Probably didn’t need it but I had cold water nearby to immediately dip the coated scions.


Did you stick your finger in their first, Bill? :smile:


No way was I sticking my finger in hot wax although its low melting point would have been safe. I used the old eye look check when I pulled out the coated scions.


Makes sense. Same concept as to how a 2-hour freeze of 25F may not hurt peach blossoms, but a nine hour freeze of 27F might.


We wrap the graft itself (always a cleft graft, no matter the size of the scion or rootstock) with 1/2" clear vinyl tape, then wrap the graft and scion with parafilm tape. We only leave one bud on the scion, as they get shipped immediately after grafting and often go thousands of miles in shipping and then by scooter, boda boda or on top of the head once they arrive. From grafting to planting is about two weeks, they sprout about two weeks after planting.