Grafting onto Bradford Pears

I have five 8-12 foot Bradford Pear trees starting their 3rd year planted out on my country property. I’ve decide to try grafting onto two of them this “grafting season”. First time grafting for me. How many should I start with grafting on each of the two trees I have selected? 1 or 2 scion twigs per tree? Any idea on what type of pear scionwood to try? I’m thinking I want Korean Giant on at least one of them. Thanks all :+1::man_dancing:t5::dizzy:

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Do you have a picture of the trees? Usually by the 3rd year Bradford pears are getting very large. Here is an example of some wild ones I top worked Top working Pears weather permitting

Not the greatest picture. This was taken in September. I’ll take a picture next time o am out there. My property is about 15 miles away. I just returned for the day :slight_smile:

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What is diameter of Bradford at about five feet off ground (assuming you have deer pressure).

Anywhere from 3-4 inches on each of the trees at 5 feet. Definitely a lot of deer in area, however so far they haven’t messed with any of my Bradfords.

You could graft individual limbs and make a pear frankentree or you could cleft graft the main trunk. Douglas, duchess, Clara Frijs, kieffer, Maxine, warren, plumblee, Korean Giant, clapps favorite, etc. all readily graft to Bradford pears.

Thanks. I look forward to giving it a go. Great info and examples in many of your past posts. Big help.

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Last years grafting of Orient, Ayers and Hood (thanks @Auburn) pear on two of my Bradford pears went so well I doubled my efforts on those two trees today and also grafted Korean Giant on a third tree, Harrow sweet on a fourth and Bosc on my 5th Bradford. I do like Bradford as a rootstock no doubt. The hardiness and drought resistance it provides is terrific and they are really care free. I don’t even fertilize them.