Grafting Persimmons: Temperatures & Zones


Kaki forms female or monecious trees only. I’ve never heard of pure males.

I grafted 20 seedling persimmons with some scions a friend gave. They all took. I thought I was a little late and tried saddle grafting for the first time. Thought it would be faster and easier.
Mansamoto, Suruga, Makaewa and Izu. I am lucky this time.

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I’ve been grafting my persimmons later and later each year. Now that I wait until mid-June, I get close to 100% takes.

That’s proven true for me too.


I’ve heard the same thing about kaki trees. I have a particularly large tree, definitely seed grown kaki, Bloomed last year and this year, very profusely. Last year had one tanenashi-shaped fruit that fell of while green and still fairly small. This year it bloomed profusely again, every flower was male type, no female flowers or fruit. It pollinated my names varieties, as I have a ton of fruit formed on the nursery-purchased grafted trees, but I’m a little dismayed that it didn’t have any female flowers or fruit forming. It’s a large tree now, in the well-protected spot. That’s the one I’m going to try and graft next spring.

Did you use dormant scions for this late grafting?

I’m going to jump in and say what I’m up to in zone 5 IL where it’s in the 90’s now each day and humidity is really high. I’m grafting with either (greenwood or dormant). It doesn’t matter. The thing that worries me is the temps and covering with parafilm. I stretch the parafilm sideways instead of the how you’re supposed to for the final piece to cover the greenwood. I don’t find a need to cover hardwood buds but I do put a sliver of parafilm vertically on (each side) of the bud I’m chipping in so air may not enter the cuts…

I’m using a ‘V-tool also’ and just wrapping with a budding strip and dabbing glue on the scion, a single bud.

There’s no-question since that bark is drying up a lot that you’ll need to water a lot.

Pears & Persimmons are the only two things that you’ll have success this late with. If you’re using tape be sure it’s white. Anything plastic for wrapping should be white also when its late. Bud strips and parafilm are not white, but no black electrical tape or black flagging tape if there is such a thing. No black grocery bag, plastic.


My understanding is that parafilm is permeable to oxygen, but not moisture.

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My seed-brown kaki only had male flowers, no fruit at all… all of the grafted varieties around it are covered in fruit, but this one is a doozy. I also thought that Asian persimmons are able to produce male/female flowers on the same tree (which is what my purchased trees are doing).
It’s a mystery

I never thought to read the directions…


I’m worried of cooking them. I’ve cooked a lot in parafilm in too much heat. Still, I appreciate. Perfect for your cooler climate I reckon + no humidy there either for Pacific Northwest. Thanks, Murky.

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I stretched it “just right” so I feel much better that air can get in, now…

Sometimes the obvious is not so obvious to me.


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Male kaki

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Dormant scions. I wrap all my scions in parafilm before putting them in the fridge for the winter, and that seems to help them last until this late in the spring/summer for grafting.

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Thank you for posting! Just my luck growing the rarest of rare androacious trees outside of China and Japan :blush: