Grafting spot/time and do I see a fruit bud?

Hi, does it matter where on a branch a graft is done? Can there be buds of another variety below the graft? Is it too late to graft after tree has come out of dormancy, buds are about stage of below photos.

Also could you tell me if these photos of pear tree buds are fruit buds or leaf buds?

Thank you all in advance.



There is no question those are fruit buds in that top photo and bottom photo. It is not to late to graft the timing is about perfect. Typically grafts do best on the highest part of a tree on a dominant branch. If you have a central leader the top of it would be a great place for a graft. You can have as many pears on the same tree as you want but some pears grow faster than others. The small slender bud on the bottom photo is more like a leaf bud. It is actually a undeveloped fruit bud The fat buds are developed flower buds that will become your fruit.