Green beans 2020


Goldilocks bush beans burst into bearing last week. EXCEEDINGLY prolific. A zillion pods all at once. Very tender, not a lot of flavor.

ETA: The baby-sized beans lacked flavor. I just had some of the mature beans that had gone fully yellow, and they had a good flavor.

Now to see how determinate they are. After the huge initial flush, will they do it again, or is it all over?


Here is a picture of some beans segregating out of the population from the cross of Fortex X PI207373. Many of you have grown Fortex and above discussion describes a few of the problems with growing it. PI207373 is extraordinarily disease resistant but is a small black bean in deep purple/black pods. I made a cross 5 years ago and have been growing out the F1, F2, and now F3 generations since. These three very different beans represent segregation of different colors and types from the original traits. The purple beans are about 5 inches long and have mostly snap bean traits. The yellow beans are about 7 inches long and have mostly dry bean traits. The red beans are about 6 inches long and have a mix of dry and snap bean traits. Note that the original genetics did NOT suggest I could get a yellow bean or a red bean out of the cross.