GRIN scions


I got my shipping notice…lol


LOL, Wrassilin’ those grafts.


My shipping notice email arrived today from Geneva (apples). I’ll be heading up to the mailbox real early on Monday! (our mail arrives fairly early) At least the forecast is to rise up out of the minus teens and twenties by then. Pear scions from Corvalis is still Pending. Sue


Got my pears, today. I’m donating grafts to a newly founded ‘food forest’ a friend of mine spent years in the process of becoming a reality. Thru this land grant, people will be educated how to grow food of all kinds and to reap the rewards of the trees (fruit and nut) and it will be a welcome place for families in the same respects parks are.

There will be education programs on everything from basic food plot growing to teaching people the skill of grafting. This entire concept he’s put together undoubtedly will have people planting food gardens in their own yards as well as fruit & nut trees; berries & vines.

The long haul mission is that the food forest will become a scionwood resource for everyone, as well. I’m happy to be a part of it and to teach others grafting & answer any horticultural questions as best I can.



I got my shipping notice from Geneva today (1 apple and 4 tart cherries).


That’s funny. They sent me the opposite: four APPLES… and ONE tart cherry.


Am I the only one that didn’t end up receiving their oder from Geneva?


Is this the one in SC?


I didn’t get mine either.


Davenport, IA.



Interesting this new movement going on.


I requested pears pretty late (mid Jan) and was starting to think I wouldn’t get them, but I just got a notice yesterday morning from UPS. Though it looks like it was delayed a day in Oregon and it wouldn’t surprise me if the snow storm delays it tomorrow.


I requested my Apple scions with hours to spare. Just got a note today that they were arriving on Thursday. So keep your hopes up, they are still shipping.


Same hear, my email said 10pm est and the website had me down on the 11th. But I got everything in two shipments.


It did make it through, even with the storm. It turned out to be black currant cuttings, not pear scions. I got another email and the pear scions are arriving tomorrow. Evidentially, Corvallis sends them separately.

There was a small message attached that I don’t remember seeing in the past…

I’m planning to donate. Link included (it is a long one), in the hopes that others will as well.


I was at the NCGR/Corv last Friday cutting mucho scions, but they were for the Home Orchard Society (HOS) major Propagation Fair on the 18th. They have big cuttings and big mailings and then there are days when J. Postman (he told me this) will go out with one other person and cut for a while…then send’em off. So the mailing can be a flood or a trickle in any given week. The weather has been great. The TV people just show pictures of terrible blizzards to keep people from moving here, ha ha.


Received two persimmons I’m excited about, potentially cold hardy types. Looking forward to seeing how they do here.

1 DDIO 186 - DAV - Diospyros kaki
2 PI 59343 - DAV - Diospyros kaki


I got about 28 appx. pears. I donated 27$.



Thanks for the link. I sent them $100 in appreciation of past scion shipments.

Does Geneva have something like this? Last year, they said they had no mechanism to accept donations.


Who knows, if enough donations are made maybe they’d lighten up their restrictions of who can get what. I certainly would make a donation every time I’d get something.