Growing fruit in FL

Some people put up screening to block ACP.

I am in a similar growing zone. Those UF references already added are excellent

Citrus has the greening disease problem here but I still grow it. I just make peace with the fact that their time is limited. For limes I have only grown key limes. The thornless was a lot less productive for me so I’d advise against it. I do know the finger limes are supposed to fair better with the greening but from a friend’s plant those thorns are no joke! I have several oranges and they are all doing fairly well. My Sanguinelli blood orange and valencia (so different fresh!) have done the best so far but they are all pretty small yet.

With mangoes there are so many flavors! I have a few varieties and found some for family using the tropical acres farms website as a reference. I do need to cover my small ones from frost but there are some huge trees around here. My nam doc mai and my SILs Pickering seem to have done the best for us and those are both smaller. You can even keep them in pots if you like. They have different flavor profiles.

I have pomegranates too small to produce yet but on the west coast of FL in the same zone my mom had a bush that did great. I’m not sure the type but it was sweet and white with soft seeds. Jack fruit dies for me in winter but my sister on the coast in the same zone grows it fine.

I use papaya like umbrellas for some of my berries. Frost damages them but they usually pop back.

I hope any of this is helpful! Good luck and have fun growing!


oh i second the oro negro!so tasty! I have a baby one and I’m more inland. The place I got it said it might have more trouble with frost but so far so good.

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Welcome to the forum, @Outsidetoday! How is your mango fruit set this year?

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Most of mine are smaller still and I had some frost damage which was on top of the damage to one from the hurricane :*( I cut the flowers off all but my nam doc mai so they’d green out more this year. We had a frost that took out some of first flowers in area but larger tree in the neighborhood seemed to flush out even stronger after and are currently extremely loaded.

I’m fairly new in actual being able to grow in a my own yard here, but I’m full of enthusiasm :slight_smile:

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Sorry to hear that, but maybe some people with large trees will share the bounty!

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I have one garden buddy two doors down who always does :slight_smile: He’s an older gentleman and grew several from seed decades ago. They are tasty but mysterious mangos