Harrow Delight


It blooms plenty late but harrow sweet is later. The two when blooming overlap with harrow sweet finishing last.




I’ve only fruited this one just last year, so got to taste just a few. This year it’s really loaded and should produce at least a bushel.

The fruits I tasted from it last year were good.


This is the first year my Harrow Delight is blooming. The blooms started opening yesterday, 4/28), one day before Harrow Sweet (started blooming today).

My Harrow Sweet ripens in late Sept/early Oct. I look forward to find out when my HD will ripen.

The flowers are a bit different in colors. HD’s blooms (unopened) are mostly white. HS’ blooms (unopened) have pink tint on them.




Thanks. HS and HD should work well together. I’m also thinking that HD will give me a high quality early ripening pear. My HD scions are growing fast on an older tree so I might get a few flowers next year.


Mine was grafted on Blake’s Pride in either 2016 or 2017 (not sure).


How do you like Blake’s


Not much but last year it was the first time I had them. The size was good, bigger than Harrow Sweet. The texture was not smooth and it tasted rather bland. Again, last year’s rain could have contributed to the blandness,

Last year I ate a lot of excellent pears, Abbe Fetel, Magness, Comice, Potomac, to name a few. Those pears were smooth, melting, swwet and some were quite aromatic. By comparison, BP was left in the dust. I hope it will taste better this year,


@clarkinks and you other folks familiar with it. I grafted either Harrow Delight, Harrow Sweet, or harvest queen to my cleveland pear in 2017. Its in its 3rd leaf and is flowering all at the tips.

I grafted to Bosc last year to the other limb and i have 1 more to graft next year.

First what variety do you think it is? I’ll get full bloom pics in a few days when they open. I’ll get fruitlet pics if any form.

2nd question is what should i add to it next year, if 1 of you can help me out with a stick next year? :grinning:


Those pink blossoms are harrow sweet. It will set fruitlets. Just let me know what you need next year and if i have it i will send it to you. You might look at my fruit posts from this last year and decide which pear you like the best Here comes the 2018 apple & pear harvest! or Here comes the 2016 apple and Pear harvest!
Here is a thread for those identifying pears by blooms Pear buds, blossoms, and fruit


I will read those tomorrow thank you. Whats your take on harrow sweets flavor compared to all the others you have fruited?

This will be my first fruited pear. I have a flemish beauty on OHxF87 that is on its 6th leaf and still hasn’t fruited, just pushing leaflets right now, still hoping to see a cluster of flowers somewhere this year.


European Pears typically take awhile to fruit on standard rootstocks. Some pears take in excess of 12 years hence the term pears for your heirs. Harrow sweet typically produces very fast and the flavor is much better than most pears but not as good as some of the other truly exceptional pears.