Have I doomed this graft by painting over buds?

Well, the ones to the apple and peach tree didn’t make it, but the one I did to my European plum did. This is Brooks. Hasn’t grown much, its low in canopy, but its flowering:


That is nice. I have a few Richards prune grafts that look like that. I am slowly replacing the unknown Italian-type prune Raintree sent me in place of Purple Gage. It is obvious that the mystery prune is later ripening than anything I want. I don’t trust any stone fruit that ripens after the first week of September. I have heard good things about Bavay’s, but I am concerned that it ripens too late to be very reliable. The Oulins Gage I bought from One Green World never woke up, and I have heard that Cambridge Gage is not a great producer. I never bothered OGW about it because dealing with customer service often fills me with feelings of contempt and disgust.
I spent 3 seasons growing the wrong tree From Raintree, and their response was to reimburse at the tree rate of 3 years ago. It has cost me more in scion wood to top work it. And then you must wait 3 more years for fruit.

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That is pretty disgusting, I know what you mean.

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I would like to think that a reputable nursery would at least have offered to replace the wrong tree with the one I actually ordered. Not a chance from Raintree.

I’d like to hear what the owner has to say about that. He posted here about the prices and how they treat employees.

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That is a good question, since the amount in question is basically an interest-free loan.