Help me Identify this Nashi

The nursery labelled it as Hosui, I am curious what it actually is and would like to hear some opinions. This is Germany so I am doubtful that it is Korean Giant. The Fruits are unusually large this year because of frequent rains.


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Hosui and Korean Giant are both round, russeted Asian pears. The pear in your pic are NOT Hosui or KG.

It looks like a Euro pear or maybe a hybrid.


@mamuang i agree ya li and other interspecifis have a similar shape. That pear leaves do not appear to be ya li either @DroppingFruit .Ya Li aka yali pear . I do think its likely a bretschneideri Pyrus bretschneideri an interspecific hybrid of Pyrus pyrifolia x Pyrus ussuriensis - fireblight resistant


Very similar to Ya Li, but some differences still. definitely on the right track, thanks.

sorry I should have double checked, memory vs reality of KG did not coincide. Definitely an Asian pear.

This is my KG.