High Chill Apple in a Low Chill Climate


Very warm areas should be shipped either January or early Oct. (not too many dormant bareroot trees this time of year) so they arrive around last frost or at least 6 weeks (preferably even more) before first frost. That way the roots can get established before the highs exceed 85F or the lows go below 55F respectively and the trees start to go dormant.


Thats about what i was thinking. I would need some kind of cold storage thx.


This is my first winter to follow the chill hours recorded for my area. As best I can tell my highest chill hour needs are between 900-1000. We usually have our coldest weather now so hoping this will run my numbers up.


Chill looking better this winter.


I’m getting lots of chilling here a little ways south of you. I’m over 700 so far and should be well over 800 after this forecasted cold snap. I’m hoping that will provide an earlier more compact apple bloom which may help reduce fireblight. I ended up having to hack off three trees to stumps this year and I’m not convinced the FB isn’t still lurking in the stumps.


Not getting a whole lot of chill out here…Tomatoes are blooming again, might get a nice mid-winter’s crop.