History of where my Orchard is planted (being planted)


I’m a huge family history buff. I do not have any AM Indian heritage, the ‘bacon’s’ came from England.


Got my trees painted today in the nursery awaiting transplant to the orchard soon.


Apple #1 here looks like it might be Horse. Is it tart?


Looking forward to seeing your orchard develop!


Does the horse apple generally have some russet? I’m not sure on flavors cuz as I said before I have tried all 3 but never at the right time it seems. I’m going to try to be more diligent this fall in trying them more often until i believe they are ripe.


There are a number of strains, but some russeting is common. Compare your apples to Ron Joyner’s picture of Horse.


Well worked my butt off this weekend, added 36 trees to the orchard!


Labor of love!



This is my homemade water container for my orchard. Old farm s10, water tank, gravity fed, compliments to the farm owner who loves the orchard that put it together!


Well here it is gents, my current Orchard Layout. the top 4 on the right were not planted on purpose (farmer field drift worries) for naughty chems. The bottom 3, the 1 to the far left was done on purpose (would block a deer blind that is a residents fav spot so won’t plant 1 there) the other 2 I had 2 trees that I lost the tags for and another person really wanted some trees. So i gave away 2 doubles (geneva & centurion) and 2 unidentified, now known to be Holiday & Frostbite, bummed I don’t have Holiday now…oh well. 59 trees in total are in my orchard, except for the 2 spots at the bottom left and with some careful thought, the top 4 this particular area is full. All full or semi standard trees so i gave them all 30 feet on each side. I will perhaps plant some on the hill by the old 3 trees still standing from the orchard back in the late 1800s that have newly planted children in my orchard. :)18184

Special thanks to these folks that supplied scion when I got started and now have a place on my orchard. @greyphase @CrazyEd @Turkey Creek @WTNUT @SmallChunk @Lot2Learn @aerospacefarmer


Hey Dan, my mouth started to water as I read through your list of trees. Let me know when your going to start your next orchard and I’ll load you up with Limbertwig scion. :slight_smile:


wow…can’t wait to see what it looks like in another 5 years.


Well done Dan, I’m anxious to see how they all do for you and which ones become your favorites.


Well I started at 3:45 yesterday afternoon and completed at 10:45. I am not the quickest but man I sure enjoy it, I used budding bands for wraps this year, man those things pull stuff seriously tight and they are cheap! Sealed it all w/ treekote and I don’t have any on me! Also, I am happy to report that no Dan’s were harmed during the making of these grafts. :slight_smile:



No Treekote on you, your my hero. :star_struck::star_struck: I’ll have to see about getting you some more Limbertwigs next year. :yum: What the heck is a Suds apple?


Well my Grandfather had an arabian horse he was quite proud of named ‘Suds’. This horse probably died 12-15 years ago, and was buried. Around the spot of his burial there is a random apple tree that I guess was growing before they even buried him. I have no idea how good the tree is but what the heck, i got room. :slight_smile:

I used to throw apples to him and i assumed 1 passed through and came out of the ground. :slight_smile: