How is your weather?


1/2 inch overnight…more to come…

Friday should be raw


40F and rain right now…high of 46F today. Stinkage!

Back to 70F by Sunday…80F Mon - Weds…


No rain for 1 1/2 weeks and finally got some good rain last night. The farmers are very happy for the much needed moisture!



.25" of rain so far this spring. Nothing in the 10 day forecast…beginnings of a drought?


All the rain is falling over Wisconsin/parts of MN/IL/IA…


cool and windy in the mid 50’s. had to water last night. fire dangers way up! no rain in the forecast the next 7 days. not a good time of year for it to be dry. everything just greening up right now.


Yeah the forecast for Maine looks downright dry. We need some rain…but not a pattern where it sticks around for a week. At least it looks like it will be seasonable/cool as well. Seems like it’s all or nothing with the weather these days.


not worried so much for the trees as the shallow rooted plants in the raised beds. got to get some fresh mulch on them to hold the moisture better. was waiting till’ the soil warmed some before remulching them. still hit frozen spots in my compost piles.


getting into the upper 20’s tonight up here. going to have to cover the new budding plants. no rain in the forecast up here in the 7day.


Rain for the next week. Will have to hope my earlier sprays are enough


Looks dry here thru about Tues…and then a good shot of rain/storms/whatever…temps rebound quickly though back to 80F or better. Stuck in the 40Fs overnight here.


Overcast and high 50’s.


95 here today. High 79 Monday. Gonna rain for a week after Monday…


Has been in the 80s just about all week, with only a brief storm early yesterday morning. The AC has been on quite a bit the last couple of days, and I keep it at 80.

Dry and warm the next few days, but it’s supposed to be a wet week next week. So, gotta get things tilled this weekend, and get the seed potatoes in the ground soon.


Found this on the NOAA site, it’s various satellite images. I thought the first one, which is called GeoColor is really neat, shows visible during daylight hours and infrared at night. Right now, you can see the city lights. The loop is particularly interesting.

Screen capture of GeoColor


My Cherry is in bloom and we had a low of 36F last night. Tonight looks like it’ll be in the 30’s as well.


We have clear blue skies here for the moment. Not sure how long these stick around. Can see the thick clouds to the south…Visible shows very thick clouds over Iowa/NE/SD…yikes…stay away!


Rain again, very typical for RI weather. Very warm with sun yesterday. Puppy has me pooped!


Study says dog owners are healthier than people with no dogs.


Study says that my kids can drive a person into a mental institution.

Very warm in the mid range.