How is your weather?


It got so hot we are having an afternoon rain. I just got a bunch of flower planting done. PERFECT!


Responsibility wins every time! :heart:


Not yet average last frost date and 97 deg. This just ain’t right.


And a low of 38 last night, 5/12-13.


50’s overcast. Maybe sun this afternoon.


They keep saying we’re going to get lots of rain, but it the amounts so far fall way short of forecast


It wasn’t suppose to rain and it ended up raining last night…

4.5 inches of rain for the month…over 3 inches above avg. Waiting to see if the sun can pop through today.



55F and clouds here…blah. Sunny across N MN/N WI… Next week looks warm though. upper 70Fs/low 80Fs…

My new pond was totally filled by rainwater.


We’ve really been in the sweet spot during the past week…North of the extreme heat and rain/grey zone. It’s been sunny, dry and in the 60s every day. A bit cool the past 2 nights but nothing close to damaging frost. Very few signs of pests so far and horrible weather for formation of scab, etc. The trees are loving it…and so am I!


I’m sure that lovely humidity is starting to kick in, yes? I don’t know how y’all deal with that for much of the year. It was 80s here yesterday, but it was a bit humid, because I did some must mowing for maybe half an hour and actually sweated. I hope this summer isn’t as sauna-like as last year.


It’s hot here in my part of Texas. Y’all please send some rain down south. It’s getting pretty dry. We’re suppose to hit upper 90s this week and I think the rain chances just fell to near zero. It’s been about 2 weeks or so since we had rain.


You know it is. That being said we’ve had the nicest spring I remember in the 29 years I’ve been here. Looks like the rain will bring the temp. Down some and will be great for the garden. But one thing for sure here. It will be hot and humid! Those 80 degree 95% humidity nights just always eventually come. Seems though I got used to it just like I grew up accustomed to freezing Ohio winter’s !


Very unusual for a 93 degree day in Florida. Look at the humidity?

Just unheard of really.


Its low 70Fs right now across S Ontario…this time of year all you need is sun for the temp to respond nicely. Plus the days are getting very long to the north.

In Anchorage the sun doesn’t set until 10:37pm today.


Wow. Humidity 27%. What does that even feel like?


69 degrees and a 55 degree dewpoint. Days like these are one of the few reasons people live in MN


Feels incredible. Still is hot but you only drip from your own sweat not the air! 100,000 dollars on it doesn’t last! Lol…


Pleasantly dry.


My first thought was that the meter is broken, LOL. Really, that’s kinda low. I would think at that humidity the sweat would evaporate before it would drip. That’s a problem here (generally higher humidity). If the sweat doesn’t evaporate, you cannot cool yourself while working. Plants love it though.