How is your weather?


all my mason beess hatched out last week just as my honey berries flowered. seen bumbles in my hydrangeas flowers and the creeping charlie on the lawn. currants are starting to flower. my new cherries juliet and carmine jewel are leafing out nicely. the juliet i had in the garage over the winter that i thought didn’t make it is sending shoots from the base so now i have to find a spot for a third cherry bush.


Maybe not on peaches that self-pollinate? The rain could wash the pollen to the right parts, I’d imagine. Not that I know that for sure :wink:

My one peach that needs other pollen (JH Hale) didn’t get it due to the freeze taking most of my other blossoms earlier. But 2/3 of those trees still fruited some! Even after 2 different nights where neighbors got down to 21 degrees.

I don’t think the bees noticed those few flowers left enough to carry the pollen over to the JH Hale. (Or it got pollinated and its flowers just aren’t nearly as hardy, which is possible too.)


Mrs. G.,
Black Boy peach flowered this late? Even my late peaches finished their blooms over a week ago.


Black boy finished blooming about four days ago. It had such a fancy flower. It was loaded Mam, I am so disappointed. Spraying tomorrow!


.5" of very much needed rain last night/early a.m. With any luck we’ll get some more today/tonight.


I still have peaches with petals…its so messed up this year. The trees also have almost no leaves…are just sending out new shoots. April screwed everything up badly. Now its 90F and humid.

I think my large 10+ year old Alderman plum may be toast. Suck because it is a very nice looking tree…but the leaves are sad and there aren’t many. I already pruned it back hard…we’ll see.

Extended is hot hot hot.


We received 0.04" in the early A.M. The plants loved it. :slightly_smiling_face:


88F with a dewpoint of 67F…south wind helping temps jump…should be low 90Fs sat/sun/monday… heat wave city. Way above norm for this time of year…May should finish much above normal.

Air conditioning is the best invention man has come up with.


Wow, mine are all at shuck split or beyond. @mrsg47’s Black Boy just had petal fall and she is in zone 7. That’s quite late.

The weather has been weird but not as bad as you guys have experienced. Mrs.G and the mid Atlantic seemed to have a lot more rain than central MA. We’ve had rained once every 3-4 days but there are break of sunny days in between so spraying is not that difficult… It’s hot now while peonies are not even open. Peonies do not like heat. If they are open, they just wilt.


The summer heat is coming on WAY too early this year. This is crazy.


Yum! Got to love those upper 70F overnight lows. Turn off the AC and grab a warm blanket.


A blanket for the upper 70’s ? Perhaps a typo :slightly_smiling_face:


:smiley: I went to England once right as I’d gotten used to a particularly blazing hot NC summer. I really did need a blanket in the 70s!


Just toying with him… i can’t live without my AC blasting 50F air on me :snowman:

The mosquitoes are beyond bad here… if you fell asleep outside tonite here, you’d wake up with a shrunken head…like the dude in Beetlejuice. Trying to prune this evening and had to run for cover…they were swarming. They normally don’t bother me…they must be extra hungry.

Summers in the UK would be great i would imagine…or better yet Norway …along the coast…fishing and swimming…frolicking in the fjords.


Well that’s one upside to no rain and these hot temperatures: I haven’t been bothered by a single mosquito.


Try for bug protection. I prune peaches while wearing one of these to protect myself from black flies.


Spraying for curc, I watch the patter of permethrin onto the standing water where they breed


im with you! i hate heat and humidity! i sweat standing still above 68f! doesnt get very hot here but when it does its humid as hell!


Hot and humid in the 90s for several days and beyond.


The dew point was up to 69F so that is pushing it this time of year…more July like then May. I’d prefer about 68F-72F year roun… I think i’d need to live in the tropics at about 8000ft for that to happen.

Dark skies to the west…radar is lit up like a xmas tree…should see some heavy rain.