How is your weather?


8000 ft tropical cities


I remember when i was at my brother’s house many years ago and a foreign exchange student was over (his kids were in high school then) and one of them was from Bogota and she said they vacation in Miami because it’s “cold” in Colombia…i was a little surprised and then looked up the climate…

Like spring year round.




I work with someone from Belo Horizonte, Brazil (19°S and about 3000ft). Every time we get above a dew point of 65F and an air temp of 85F she complains about it being too hot. The first time I heard that I was surprised given the stereotypical Brazil image as Amazonia and hot/humid. Iguess they recently had 2°C and everyone was complaining about the record cold winter.


long range is predicting upper 80’s by late next week. i dont like it but the plants love it!


Upper 90s the plants don’t love so well


we havent seen upper 90’s here in 5-6 yrs thank God! i wouldn’t like it either! at those temps can’t do anything but sit under ac!


We spend all summer in the 90’s with over 90% humidity. You get used to bring covered in sweat and only doing the demanding work early morning or later evening. Just sit on the tractor or try to do things out of the sun during highest sun hours…you get used to it. I was raised in Ohio. I could never spend another winter trying to keep warm, unfreezing the car, shoveling snow, driving on ice…


I remember that 5-6 years ago when I went down to Birch Point Beach in Owls Head…it was high 90s right on the water! Ended up in a movie theater that afternoon to escape the heat.


yes but like the heat you get used to it. i went thru Amy basic in AL in aug.! thought i had gone strait into hell! had rashes in places i never had them before! i get physically sick now if im out and about over 75f.


you guys get it worse from the onshore ocean humidity. I’ve been down there in the heat of summer. soupy haze!


The ghost of record cold April…now we get record heat

I don’t mind it warm…but this is insane. Time to head for the beach.


Ha! Funny you should mention military. I went to boot in Great Lakes Illinois. Feb. 77. We stayed in the barracks for the 3 weeks of -15 to -40 temps. Damn near froze when we came out for temps hovering in the single digits. Thought I was going to lose all my digits. I requested to go to Puerto Rico after that and spent my whole tour there. Only go back to cold weather for funerals!


LOL…the cold does suck. Living in the tropics wouldn’t be bad if i had 24/7 access to AC. Good AC…like a meat locker.


Damn! Hotter there than here!


I feel for you. Your area has had a bizarre spring…tough to garden & orchard in those conditions.


90s in July is one thing - this is May!

Gonna go do more pre-emptive lettuce cutting


90 here in central MN today. Less than 3 weeks ago there was still ground frost in my swamps. Crazy.

Lucky me gets to drive 4 hours southeast to attend an outside wedding reception in 96 degree temps. Awesome :crazy_face:


Mine is gone…this just doesn’t work here…better off growing it under lights inside or something. Mine looks great too…had rain last night again…so everything is so lush.


Rain missed us - just as the last standing water recedes, I’m getting out the hose